Patent Attorneys

Patent Attorneys – What is an IP Attorney?

Patent Attorneys are professionals who hold knowledge and qualification regarding patent-related matters. Before we dive into what is an IP lawyer, it is important to understand what exactly is a patent. The patent refers to the grant of rights provided by the government to the inventor for his / her invention. To receive a patent,[…]

patent docketing need

Patent Docketing Need in IP Lifecycle

[responsivevoice_button] Before learning about the management of various patent details and related documents, let’s first understand the literal meaning of patent docketing. Organizing hundreds of patent applications at the same time is an excellent deal for patent law firms. It is difficult to keep track of many relevant documents, their deadlines, and timelines, reports, etc.,[…]

Top 5 Patent Docketing Solutions

[responsivevoice_button] Patent docketing is the service through which patent application management process can be simplified. It keeps track of all the essential documents, deadlines, timelines, forms, drawings of a patent. Most of the of the patent law firms even hire docketing professionals to tackle and maintain the records. Customization is done based on the client’s requirements and[…]

Software Patent Drafting: The Complete Guide

[responsivevoice_button] Software patents are regular patents, but instead of inventing a machine or a chemical formula, you invented a computer program. Not all software can receive a patent. The software has to meet certain USPTO standards in order to get a patent. Hiring a patent attorney has always been a wise option for inventors, when it comes to[…]

Options To Draft A Patent: Know Them All!

[responsivevoice_button] Patent drafting is an art as well as a science, wherein, we need to keep a balance between these two. For quality patent drafting it is important for the draftsperson to have adequate technical knowledge of the invention and at the same time should have acquaintances of drafting rules. What makes patent drafting more[…]