Relative Terminology Will Destroy Patent Draft: Know How?

Relative terminology means short-hand or similar terms that are used in our day-to-day life to refer to any certain entity of concern. The use of relative terminology can be often seen in public speeches, debate, stage shows, etc. to engage the maximum amount of audience. It is appropriate to use relative terms to point out[…]

Patent Drafting Enemies: Get Rid of These!!

Patent Drafting is the art to represent invention on paper. Writing down the details of the invention is not what we mean. There are certain USPTO rules and obligations, which have to be followed to clearly depict the specifications as stated by the inventor, that best represents his/her invention. It is always advised to hire[…]

Top 5 Patent Drafting Mistakes: You don’t want to have!!

The goal of drafting a patent application is to present a preliminary version of the invention, highlighting all its original elements, embodiments, and scope. A good patent draft is the one that provides full, clear, and exact description of the invention that clearly portrays the purpose or the sight of the inventor, behind that invention.[…]

Patent Drafting: “Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea”

Patent drafting is a methodology of presenting pure technical explanation about the patent in the form of a document, called as the patent draft. It is important to have the proper technical domain knowledge about the patent subject, while drafting a patent. Since, patent draft is the first document that reaches in public for the[…]

How to Make Your Abstract Impressive?

In general terms, an Abstract reflects a concise summary about any particular idea or topic. In this patent industry, it shows a general idea about the invention to facilitate understanding of a user who wants to have a gist about the whole invention without reading the entire document. It enables the examiner to understand the[…]

These 5 Tips could Improve Your Patent Draft

A Patent draft is an application that includes a written detailed description of the invention, patent claims to define the scope of the invention, explanation of the process, manufacturing details or composition of matter and also the description of mode of operation or principal. In short, the draft must include each and every minute detail about your[…]

What is Patent Proofreading and its Importance?

What is Patent Proofreading? A legal document enforces all the rights of the invention, in the name of the inventor, is Patent. A patent includes claims and all other important information that reserves the rights of the inventor, in a way that no other individual or business can make use that invention without the consent of[…]

What are The Elements of Patent Proofreading?

Elements of Patent Proofreading – Patent proofreading is a term that points out the final step while acquiring a patent. It means that once the drafting is done, the contents of the application must be carefully read and analyzed, to find out the errors which might be left during the creation of application, and then[…]

How to Write Patent Claims for Patent Application?

Let us first briefly learn about what are patent, and why are they so important in the patent application. Patent claims are the most important part of the application since it defines the scope of the invention. And the areas defined in the claims states that what is covered under the claims and what not. Patent claims are the legal basis of[…]