Patent Drawing Software

Patent Drawing Software To Create Engaging Patent illustration

Patent Drawings are the visual representation of your invention that allows the examiner to easily understand the invention. They remain an important component of patent application filing. It can help in speeding up the patent process. Earlier, the patent illustrations were created manually but with the rise in technology, there are many patent drawing software[…]

Patent Number

What is a Patent Number? How To Find A Patent Number?

An inventor gets a patent for a specific invention. The patent grant depends on the condition that the invention should be novel and non-existing. The application of the inventor to secure a patent undergoes a long cycle. After the complete review of the invention, its application, and industrial uses, an inventor gets patent rights. After[…]

Patent Search Databases

Patent Search Databases

A patent is an exclusive right that protects the inventor’s invention for a set period of time. Patent Search Databases are a collection of patent information that can be accessed, managed, and updated with ease. Patent search databases can be classified based on the sorts of content they contain, such as full text, quantitative data,[…]

Patent Landscape Analysis

What is Patent Landscape Analysis?

Patent landscape provides a valuable insight into the patent situation of a specific technological area. A Patent landscape is critical in IP management and helps investor make an informed decision by providing a comprehensive overview of business and technological trends. Through the process of patent landscape analysis, information about whitespace in research area, latest IP[…]

Patent Translation

What is Patent Translation? Why it is necessary?

Patent translation is the process of translating patent application into another language so it becomes easy for other to understand information about your invention. Patent translation becomes important when you have decided to go for international filing.  With the increasing competition, the applicants are trying to take their invention and product at a global level[…]

What is Patent Corporation Treaty?

After you have make your invention, you want to ensure to protect your patent rights by securing your invention through the patent process. With the scope of IP increasing over the time, the inventors have realized how important it has become to secure invention. Having said that, the inventors can now secure their inventions in[…]

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