Understanding The Fundamentals of Patent Drafting

Before we fully dive into the process of patent drafting, it’s important to understand what a patent is. In short, a patent is a document that describes an invention and grants the inventor exclusive rights to make, use, and sell that invention for a period of time. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)[…]

The Art of Patent Drafting: A Guide to Writing Effective Patent Applications

Patent drafting is an important part of the patent application process, as the patent specification serves as a written description of the invention and must clearly and accurately communicate how to make and use the invention. This makes it critical to take the time to carefully craft a well-written patent application that meets the requirements[…]

Requirements For Patent Protection

The US Patent and Trademark Office establishes the requirements for patent protection (USPTO). The invention in question must be novel, not obvious, and valuable, as well as the inventor’s disclosure of the invention to the public in exchange for patent protection. Once the invention meets these requirements, the inventor can proceed to file the patent[…]

What Is Patent Monetization? How Can You Monetize Your Patent?

Patent Monetization refers to accumulation of the revenue using various strategies such as patent licensing, selling of patents. Other than that, the owner with a wide patent portfolio can enforce the patent rights against the infringers to make profit. Making money out of the patent portfolio has become a common practice. There are different ways[…]

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