Utility Patent Drawing Rules

An applicant gets utility patent grant for the functioning of the invention. In order to get a utility patent grant, an applicant needs to follow the USPTO’s guidelines for the same. While applying for a utility patent, the applicant must add the utility patent drawing. The applicant must ensure to follow the utility patent drawing[…]

What is Patent Docketing?

Patent Docketing refers to the process of managing patent applications. Filing a patent application requires the use of a lot of documents. Keeping a track of such documents is only possible with its help. With the help of patent docketing, one can easily keep a track of the documents. This helps in meeting deadlines since[…]

Understanding the Difference Between Utility Patent and Design Patent

There are different kinds of patents available. The most obvious types of patents are utility patent and design patent. So, these types of patent make the inventors wonder how utility patent differs from design patent. While the basic difference remains the part of invention that gets patent rights, there are still more differences between them.[…]

What is Patent Translation? Why it is necessary?

Patent translation is the process of translating patent application into another language so it becomes easy for other to understand information about your invention. Patent translation becomes important when you have decided to go for international filing.  With the increasing competition, the applicants are trying to take their invention and product at a global level[…]

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