November 4, 2022

ST 26 – WIPO Announces A New Standard for Sequence Listing

WIPO Standard ST.26, which replaces the previous standard ST.25, specifies how nucleotide and/or amino acid sequences must be presented in patent applications. For international and national phase applications submitted on or after July 1, 2022, the new Standard is applicable.

What does our sequence listing service include?

AT PDC, we understand that not every client is familiar with the sequence listing process or have bandwidth to prepare the sequence listing as per the new standards. We are here to help! Our sequence listing service includes comprehensive review of the patent disclosure to identify unique sequences present. We then create a detailed report outlining our finding and providing recommendations for how to include sequence listing in your application. Finally, we prepare the sequence listing as per the PTO compliances.

How can we help you with your sequence listing need?

At PDC, we understand that your sequence listing needs may be unique and specific. That’s why we offer a variety of services to help you with your sequence listing needs. We can provide you with the expert advice on how to prepare sequence listing, as well as assistance in preparing the sequence listing. We also offer a wide range of services to help you maintain your listing, including updating and refreshing your listing as needed.

Our Services include :

  1. Prepare or updated listing as per ST 26 Standard.
  2. Convert ST 25 to St 26.

Why PDC?

  • Experts familiar with PTO Compliances and hold Biotechnology Degrees for better understanding of the sequences
  • Experts trained on preparing listings as per PTO standards including ST26 and ST25
  • Using combination of In-house algorithms and sequence listing preparation tools to optimize efforts and produce custom-based results
  • With the team of experts, we have prepared 500+ error-free sequence listings (in last 1 year) in PTO acceptable format (for both ST26 and ST25 standards)
  • Pricing and Turn-Around: Offering budget-friendly cost models with quick turn-around time
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