November 4, 2022

ST 26 – WIPO Announces A New Standard for Sequence Listing

As we know, biotechnology inventions involve gene mutation, gene sequencing and regulating, expressing or silencing of genes. Further, a gene is a chain of polynucleotides which are composed of nucleotide bases like adenine, thiamine, Quenin or encytocene that code for amino acids. So during filing such patent applications that comprise the biological sequences, all the DNA and protein sequences need to be entered into the patent applications and are required to have a particular structure instead of a raw format. So we can say that sequence listing is a list of biological sequences provided in the format prescribed by patent offices.

Moving forward, what does St 25 and St 26 stand for? These are the sequence listing standard or guidelines prescribed by WIPO. The WIPO sequence listing standard, St 25, is fully equivalent to NXC of the Pct administrative instructions that defines requirements for submission of sequence listings. Then, the new sequence listing is also developed by a committee on WIPO sequence listing standard.

What’s new about Sequence listing Standard?

Currently, we follow St 25 sequence listing standard to prepare our sequence listings. However, the 54th session of the WIPO General Assembly has approved the new Big bank implementation date of WIPO standard St 26th July 1, 2022 At national, regional and international levels, all intellectual property offices will transition simultaneously at the international, national and regional levels coming to St 26.

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