NSPCT / EP Validation / Foreign Filing Co-ordination

Looking for foreign filing co-ordination and support then PDC can be your best partner. No matter whether you are intending to do a foreign patent filing or wish to respond to every regulatory mail in appropriate time then we are at your disposal to assist you all the way through.

Leverage the Power of Collaborative Patent Drafting

Collaborative Patent Drafting

  • Zero Deadline Miss Guarantee – No Additional fees of extension of deadline
  • Worldwide filing coverage
  • Paralegal Analysts hold years of experience and are responsible for National Stage Entry and Foreign Prosecution Reminders and Instructions
  • Quick turnaround on coordination the filings/validations
  • Our paralegals have handled applications that involve complexity of translations, different claim sets, as per country specific requirements.

PDC paralegal experts manage everything including:

  •  Preparing Order Letters and required documents (i.e. ISR, IPRP, Search Report, etc.)
  • National Stage Entry at 30/31 month
  • Liaison with FA and maintaining the filing records from FA.
  • EP validation co-ordination including managing translations

PDC has been doing NSPCT filings for 5 years now and has established relationships with foreign associates globally. Based on our experience, we maintain two sets of records – one on the software and one of MS Excel to record deadlines and acknowledgment of filings – ensuring zero deadline miss.

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