Why Patent Drafting Services are Important?

Drafting services deal with the process of creating claims and patent description. They produce a base for every patent application and handle the specification part of the document. You must focus on already patented material to draft a successful patent application. The drafting services are long and laborious. Although you may achieve a patent without[…]

How to Write a Provisional Patent Application?

You must file a provisional patent application if your invention is still in the development stage. It allows you to secure a priority date for your application. You get a 12 month period to file a complete application from the date of filing the application. You need not describe everything about the invention; just a[…]

USPTO subject matter eligibility 2019 update

USPTO Subject Matter Eligibility: 2019 Update

During the patent prosecution process, a very important factor is the subject matter eligibility. In simple words, it explains how office personnel at the USPTO should evaluate patent claims. At the start of 2019, January 7 to be precise, the USPTO revised its guidance to provide more clarity on the subject matter eligibility criteria (35[…]

Patent Draft

Patent Draft: Major Core Principles

Patent Draft is the details, specification, and claims of the invention that one needs to furnish while filling the patent application. Basically, it is a part of how to patent an idea. One needs to focus on even the slightest of details while drafting the patent and getting all the details right. Hence, it is[…]

IDS Patent Definition Obligation and Requirements in Patent Applications

IDS Patent: Definition, Obligation, and Requirements in Patent Applications

When you think of “prior art”, IDS patent surely comes to mind. The USPTO labels it as an indispensable part of your patent application. Not having IDS in your application could cause problems of varying degrees. But what is IDS? Why do you need it in a patent? We are here to explain everything there[…]

How to write a patent

How to Write a Patent: The Most Important Tips, Tricks, and Hacks

If you are planning to protect your invention, then you obviously need to know how to write a patent. You simply cannot understate the importance of the different sections, especially the patent claims. They can be tedious to write because of the peculiarity of the guidelines laid down by the USPTO. You may wish to[…]

Benefits of Patent Drafting Service

Benefits of Patent Drafting Service

When you’re planning to file a patent application, it’s always wise to hire a patent drafting service. Your application is the tool with which you explain the invention to the USPTO. In your application, you mention the description and the claims, which are the basis for securing a patent grant. The draft is, needless to[…]

How to draft An Accurate Patent Claim

How to Draft an Accurate Patent Claim?

Inventors get patent grant only when the complete invention or part of it meets all the patentability criteria. Patent claims put forth what we intend to get a patent grant for.  Therefore, a patent claim is of foremost importance in a patent draft. It serves the purpose of defining the scope or limits of legal[…]

Patent drafting - A Primary Guide for Beginners

Patent Drafting : A Primary Guide for Beginners

Patent drafting is a process of writing a detailed application comprising patent description and claims. It is the very first step for patenting your invention. A patent draft is the soul of your invention and it conveys the information about the inventor and the invention. A patent draft comprises various parts. It requires both skill[…]

Multiple Dependent Claim

Multiple Dependent Claims: When do we need them?

Before getting on multiple dependent claims, let’s have a brief knowledge of what dependent claim is all about. A dependent claim is an embodiment of an independent claim of the invention. It defines the specificities of the invention. Multiple dependent claims define independent and dependent claims more explicitly. They work as an extension for a[…]