How To Write a Patent Claim

How to Write a Patent Claim?

It is essential to write a patent claim in order to define the scope of the invention. Writing a patent claim means writing the details of the invention which one needs to furnish while drafting the patent application. Once you draft a patent claim, it becomes difficult to extend the protection beyond the patent claims.[…]

What is an Inferential Claim

What is an Inferential Claim?

[responsivevoice_button] An Inferential claim is a claim that states some facts after we apply reasoning to a certain passage. Also, it may state that something supports/implies/follows another. It defines the main objective hidden in any argument. Types of Inferential claim: Explicit Inferential Claim: We usually attest the Explicit Inferential Claim with concluding words that indicate[…]

Patent Claim Drafting Major Principles

Patent Claim Drafting: Major Principles

[responsivevoice_button] A patent claim is that part of the patent specification which defines the boundaries of patent protection. Patent claim drafting is the details and claims of the invention which one needs to furnish while filling the patent application. They form the base of the protection of the patents. In a way, claims create the[…]

Software Patent Drafting: The Complete Guide

[responsivevoice_button] Software patents are regular patents, but instead of inventing a machine or a chemical formula, you invented a computer program. Not all software can receive a patent. The software has to meet certain USPTO standards in order to get a patent. Hiring a patent attorney has always been a wise option for inventors, when it comes to[…]

Everything About Patent Drafting: Know-It-All

[responsivevoice_button] Patent Drafting is the process of writing a detailed description of the invention and to get it patented. It is an important part of a patent application as it serves as the specification part of the document. A patent draft cannot consist of a journal or a business plan, as the draft made specifically states[…]

Drafting Patents: An Overview

Drafting Patents: An Overview – Drafting a patent is an art that requires knowledge of subject matter as well the regulatory norms. In case the draftsperson is not acquainted with the subject matter she will not be able to draft claims accordingly. Likewise if you are a subject-matter expert but not acquainted with the regulatory[…]

Preamble in Patent Claim

Patent Claim identifies the field of the invention. The preamble of an independent claim can summarize the type of invention, identify the relationship between the invention and the prior art, describe how the invention operates upon some external article, and define the purpose of the invention. The preamble should be realistically narrow in scope. For[…]