Understanding The Fundamentals of Patent Drafting

Before we fully dive into the process of patent drafting, it’s important to understand what a patent is. In short, a patent is a document that describes an invention and grants the inventor exclusive rights to make, use, and sell that invention for a period of time. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)[…]

Patent Process Guide

Patent Process Guide: The Complete Breakdown

Obtaining a patent is a complex and tough process. Here is a patent process guide to breaking down the patent process step by step. Related article: How to build a perfect patent strategy? Patent Process Guide: Steps Involved Step 1 Get a clear idea about the types of IP protection: Patent, copyright, marketing plan, trademark,[…]

Patent drafting - A Primary Guide for Beginners

Patent Drafting : A Primary Guide for Beginners

[responsivevoice_button] Patent drafting is a process of writing a detailed application comprising patent description and claims. It is the very first step for patenting your invention. Also, a patent draft is the soul of your invention and it conveys the information about the inventor and the invention. Moreover, it comprises various parts. It requires both[…]

Paralegal Feature

Paralegals, Lawyers, Attorneys: Are they Identical?

[responsivevoice_button] Paralegals, Lawyers, Attorneys- all of them are people who deal with legal procedures at different stages of the patent prosecution process. They hold deep and minute technical differences from their professional role, experience, the way of work, etc. It is also stated in an International Legal Magazine that they are often misunderstood and used[…]

What is a Patent Paralegal A Career Guide

What is a Patent Paralegal? (A Career Guide)

During a patent prosecution process, you might have thought “ What is a patent paralegal ” Is there a career for me there?” First, you must understand what is a patent paralegal ? Then, you must understand their responsibilities. This will serve as a career guide for aspirants wanting to become a patent paralegal. The[…]

Non-Provisional Patent a User Guide

Non-Provisional Patent – A User Guide

You may use both the Provisional patent application and Non-Provisional patent application separately to make your invention patentable. A Non-Provisional patent application requests the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) to issue a utility patent. This Patent type protects IP rights for anything useful, novel, and non-obvious: New Machine or a newer version with[…]

writing a patent draft_The major requirements

Writing a Patent Draft – The Major Requirements

[responsivevoice_button] It is not a cake-walk writing a patent. If you are a first-time applicant, you need to learn precisely how to draft a patent. Moreover, it is advisable to take the assistance of professional services. There are multiple requirements of USPTO to meet at the time of patent filing. Also, you need to meet[…]

Patent Draft

Patent Draft: Major Core Principles

[responsivevoice_button] Patent Draft is the details, specification, and claims of the invention that one needs to furnish while filling the patent application. Basically, it is a part of how to patent an idea. One needs to focus on even the slightest of details while drafting the patent and getting all the details right. Hence, it[…]

Patent Claim Drafting Major Principles

Patent Claim Drafting: Major Principles

[responsivevoice_button] A patent claim is that part of the patent specification which defines the boundaries of patent protection. Patent claim drafting is the details and claims of the invention which one needs to furnish while filling the patent application. They form the base of the protection of the patents. In a way, claims create the[…]

What is Patent Docketing

What is Patent Docketing?

[responsivevoice_button] Patent Docketing includes maintaining a database or portfolio of applications received at the patent office. The USPTO and other patent Offices receive lakhs of patent applications every year, and it keeps on increasing year by year. [You will get the exact status of patent applications by visiting US Patent Statistics Chart. Pertaining to this[…]