NON PROVISIONAL Utility patent application

Non-Provisional Utility Patent Application 101

USPTO grants three types of patents: Plant, design, and utility. Plant and utility are divided into two categories: provisional and non-provisional utility patent application. A provisional application is economical and reserve inventor’s rights for 12 months. If the inventor fails to obtain a patent in 12 months then the patent is canceled. A non-provisional application[…]

Design Patent

Claim in a Design Patent Application

Design Patent, in general terms, consists of the visual ornamental characteristics embodied in any product. Since a design is manifested in its ornamental features, the protection sought in case of a design patent application may be applied to the configuration and ornamental features of the design. Like a utility patent application, the design patent application[…]

Patent Drafting

General Tips for Patent Claims Drafting

Patent claims drafting is considered by many as an art, and not particularly a precise science. That is to say that, there is no universally accepted correct or best claim for a particular disclosure. The following points provides some general tips for drafting proper patent claims, what experienced practitioners have learned and put into practice.[…]

Preamble in Patent Claim

Patent Claim identifies the field of the invention. The preamble of an independent claim can summarize the type of invention, identify the relationship between the invention and the prior art, describe how the invention operates upon some external article, and define the purpose of the invention. The preamble should be realistically narrow in scope. For[…]

Summary Section In Patent Application

Summary Section in Patent Application

The Summary section is a brief and general statement of the invention. Not all jurisdictions require a summary of the invention section. However, such sections are customarily prepared in many jurisdictions even when not strictly required by national law. The Summary section is different from the Abstract, which is directed toward the disclosure as a[…]

Disadvantages Of Filing Provisional Patent Application

Writing Background in Patent Application

The background is an extremely important section of a patent application. This section describes the state of the art in the particular technical area to which the patent relates and what problems remain to be solved or disadvantages accompanying the prior art solutions. The use of background sections varies among the world’s patent regimes. In[…]

Patent Claims Drafting: Objectives and the Process

Claims are the legally-operative part of a patent application around which everything revolves. The claims of course define the invention for which the exclusionary right is sought. The legal standards must be met by the claimed subject matter, not merely what is disclosed in the specification. Patent Claims Drafting In a patent drafting process, one of[…]

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