IP Docketing System – How to file an IP Docket?

IP docketing is the process of managing and organizing intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights. IP Docketing system help to keep track of deadlines, filing, and other important information related to IP rights. Many IP docketing systems also provide alerts and reminders to help keep track of deadlines and other important dates.[…]

Patent Drawings – The Benefits of Patent illustrations

In order to obtain a patent, an inventor must provide a clear and concise drawing of the invention that will be patented. The written description of the invention in the patent application is not enough. The drawing must contain enough detail that someone skilled in the relevant art could make and use the invention without[…]

Patent Monitoring – Are the costs of Patent Monitoring worth it?

Patent monitoring is a process in which patent attorneys monitor published patents that might be relevant to the clients. If they find one or more that might be relevant, they can scan the patents to see if their client has already developed and patented something similar. This blog will discuss the significance and types of[…]

Patent Licensing

Patent Licensing – Why Should I License My Patent?

Patent licensing can be a complicated process, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of intellectual property law. This blog will talk about what patent licensing entails and how to go about it if you are thinking of getting into it. Let’s dig into it. What is a Patent? A Patent is a[…]

Patent Proofreading

Patent Proofreading – How To Proofread Patent?

Patents are a legal way of protecting Intellectual Property and the risks associated with them. There are so many types of mistakes that can be made during the process. So, it is important to have your work professionally proofread before filing the patent application. In this blog, we will discuss what is patent proofreading. There[…]

Patent Type

Types of Patents – 3 Different Kinds of Patent

A patent provides protection to those inventions that are novel and non-obvious. Patenting your invention gives you the exclusive right to use your technology and prevent others from stealing the same. In addition to that, a patent allows you to generate an additional stream of income through various patent monetization techniques. For those readers who[…]

Patent Attorneys

Patent Attorneys – What is an IP Attorney?

Patent Attorneys are professionals who hold knowledge and qualification regarding patent-related matters. Before we dive into what is an IP lawyer, it is important to understand what exactly is a patent. The patent refers to the grant of rights provided by the government to the inventor for his / her invention. To receive a patent,[…]

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