Patent Writing How to Write a Quality Patent Application

Patent Writing: How to Write a Quality Patent Application?

Patent writing is not as easy as people think. Only once you have acquired years of professional experience, it is easy to draft patent applications. One becomes proficient at identifying and delivering sky-scraping quality patent applications. One gains the ability to look at patent applications from different technical outlooks as well. Moreover, one is easily[…]

Office Action Elements

Office Action Elements

Office Action is the communication medium between the patent examiner and filer. It states the areas of improvement within the patent application. It includes mistakes, or rejection, in the patent application. To clarify or pass the form from the patent examiner, the possible changes are specified. Just like a patent application, an office action is also[…]

NON PROVISIONAL Utility patent application

Non-Provisional Utility Patent Application 101

USPTO grants three types of patents: Plant, design, and utility. Plant and utility are divided into two categories: provisional and non-provisional utility patent application. A provisional application is economical and reserve inventor’s rights for 12 months. If the inventor fails to obtain a patent in 12 months then the patent is canceled. A non-provisional application[…]

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