Patent Type

Types of Patents – 3 Different Kinds of Patent

A patent provides protection to those inventions that are novel and non-obvious. Patenting your invention gives you the exclusive right to use your technology and prevent others from stealing the same. In addition to that, a patent allows you to generate an additional stream of income through various patent monetization techniques. For those readers who[…]

provisional patent application

Provisional Patent Application – Benefits of Filing Provisional Application

A Provisional Patent Application or PPA is a simplified version of regular patent applications. It is designed for inventors who are not ready to spend the time and money required to file a full-blown patent application but want to preserve their invention rights while they continue working on it. What is a Provisional Patent Application?[…]

Patent Attorneys

Patent Attorneys – What is an IP Attorney?

Patent Attorneys are professionals who hold knowledge and qualification regarding patent-related matters. Before we dive into what is an IP lawyer, it is important to understand what exactly is a patent. The patent refers to the grant of rights provided by the government to the inventor for his / her invention. To receive a patent,[…]

What is a Patent Watch?

After you have secured the patent rights, the next step in line is to continue watching the patent. Patent watch is the process of monitoring the patents that are newly issued or published. It is a continuous process that can be done quarterly or on monthly basis. A patent watch is a useful strategy to[…]

Patent Landscape Analysis

What is Patent Landscape Analysis?

Patent landscape provides a valuable insight into the patent situation of a specific technological area. A Patent landscape is critical in IP management and helps investor make an informed decision by providing a comprehensive overview of business and technological trends. Through the process of patent landscape analysis, information about whitespace in research area, latest IP[…]

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