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How to Write a Patent Application Accurately

People come up with amazing inventions – highly purposeful, commercial with a dream of getting it patented. But, what becomes important at this stage is to write a patent application. The patent filing requirements of USPTO and other patent offices are quite particular. Hence, it is prudent to write a patent that is precise, complete[…]

Patent Drafting: “Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea”

Patent drafting is a methodology of presenting pure technical explanation about the patent in the form of a document, called as the patent draft. It is important to have the proper technical domain knowledge about the patent subject, while drafting a patent. Since, patent draft is the first document that reaches in public for the[…]

Drafting Patents: An Overview

Drafting Patents: An Overview – Drafting a patent is an art that requires knowledge of subject matter as well the regulatory norms. In case the draftsperson is not acquainted with the subject matter she will not be able to draft claims accordingly. Likewise if you are a subject-matter expert but not acquainted with the regulatory[…]