provisional patent application

Provisional Patent Application – Benefits of Filing Provisional Application

A Provisional Patent Application or PPA is a simplified version of regular patent applications. It is designed for inventors who are not ready to spend the time and money required to file a full-blown patent application but want to preserve their invention rights while they continue working on it. What is a Provisional Patent Application?[…]

How much does a Patent filing cost

How much does a Patent filing cost?

Almost every inventor in the world encounters the same problem while patenting an invention. Moreover, every inventor wants to know how much patent filing cost. This question is important, and you need to find the answer as soon as possible. The answer will help you decide on the next course of action. Patent filing cost[…]

Everything About Patent Drafting: Know-It-All

[responsivevoice_button] Patent Drafting is the process of writing a detailed description of the invention and to get it patented. It is an important part of a patent application as it serves as the specification part of the document. A patent draft cannot consist of a journal or a business plan, as the draft made specifically states[…]

Process for Drafting Provisional Patent Application

Drafting Provisional Patent Application – A rough draft that contains general description about the invention, excluding the final specifications is termed as a provisional patent application. Its basic aim is usually to fix the priority date and to describe the basics of the invention. It is generally filed when the inventor is still in the[…]

Provisional Patent Application

Benefits of Filing a Provisional Patent Application

Many businesses and inventors use provisional patent applications as a first step in protecting their invention. Filing provisional patent application is an optional step. If you are at a stage where you might have complete information about your invention then you can directly go for complete specification. However, if you are still in a testing[…]