Why Choose Patent Filing Services?

Why Choose Patent Filing Services?

Patent Filing Services are essential for the patent applicant to protect the invention or idea by stopping others from using it. Patent Filing Services of the USPTO is a method of filing patents for securing the invention. Filing patents for your invention can be easy and secure which also helps to save the time and[…]

Markush Structure A Brief Analysis

Markush Structure: A Brief Analysis

Eugene Markush brought a drastic change in the scientific IP (intellectual property) by authoring a patent in 1924.  Also, it was the beginning of the Markush Structure. There was a phrase among his claims that brought a different perception for the examiners. ‘The process for the manufacture of dyes which comprizes coupling with a halogen-substituted[…]

A Quick Guide to Patent Search Databases

A Quick Guide to Patent Search Databases

A patent is an exclusive right which protects the invention to the owner for a limited period. Patent Search Databases is a collection of information on patents that one can easily access, manage and update. One can classify patent search databases according to types of content such as full text, numeric and images. The patent search[…]

Why Do You Need Patent Illustration Services

Why Do You Need Patent Illustration Services?

You must see to it that your patent drawings are inch-perfect while describing your invention. Hence, it is wise to seek assistance from patent illustration services to achieve this target. Drawings will help you to put your point across a little faster instead of going through long paragraphs of descriptions. Patent drawings are extremely crucial[…]

How to Build a Perfect Patent Strategy?

How to Build a Perfect Patent Strategy?

A perfect patent strategy helps you to easily obtain patent protection. The important component of a business plan for technology companies is to develop an effective patent strategy. However, the approach to developing a perfect strategy is more difficult than executing it. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the most[…]

What is a Patent Paralegal A Career Guide

What is a Patent Paralegal? (A Career Guide)

During a patent prosecution process, you might have thought “ What is a patent paralegal ” Is there a career for me there?” First, you must understand what is a patent paralegal ? Then, you must understand their responsibilities. This will serve as a career guide for aspirants wanting to become a patent paralegal. The[…]

How to Respond to an Office Action?

How to Respond to an Office Action?

In the patent prosecution process, you must be wondering what Office Action means and how you should respond to it. This is a vital part of your patent process because it determines whether your application will be accepted or not. You must have an understanding of what Office Actions are and what the best way[…]

Why Patent Drafting Services are Important

Why Patent Drafting Services are Important?

Drafting services deal with the process of creating claims and patent description. They produce a base for every patent application and handle the specification part of the document. You must focus on already patented material to draft a successful patent application. The drafting services are long and laborious. Although you may achieve a patent without[…]

Non-Provisional Patent a User Guide

Non-Provisional Patent – A User Guide

You may use both the Provisional patent application and Non-Provisional patent application separately to make your invention patentable. A Non-Provisional patent application requests the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) to issue a utility patent. This Patent type protects IP rights for anything useful, novel, and non-obvious: New Machine or a newer version with[…]

USPTO subject matter eligibility 2019 update

USPTO Subject Matter Eligibility: 2019 Update

During the patent prosecution process, a very important factor is the subject matter eligibility. In simple words, it explains how office personnel at the USPTO should evaluate patent claims. At the start of 2019, January 7 to be precise, the USPTO revised its guidance to provide more clarity on the subject matter eligibility criteria (35[…]