NON PROVISIONAL Utility patent application

Non-Provisional Utility Patent Application 101

USPTO grants three types of patents: Plant, design, and utility. Plant and utility are divided into two categories: provisional and non-provisional utility patent application. A provisional application is economical and reserve inventor’s rights for 12 months. If the inventor fails to obtain a patent in 12 months then the patent is canceled. A non-provisional application[…]

The Actual Cost to File Patent What All to Spend On

The Actual Cost to File Patent: What All to Spend On?

what is the cost to file patent? The first question that, generally, comes to anybody’s mind after he/she invents anything and thinks to patent it. The answer to the question is that the cost of obtaining a patent cannot be estimated accurately and easily. It primarily depends on: The geographical scope. The complexity of the[…]

Patent Process Guide

Patent Process Guide: The Complete Breakdown

Obtaining a patent is a complex and tough process. Here is a patent process guide to breaking down the patent process step by step. Related article: How to build a perfect patent strategy? Patent Process Guide: Steps Involved Step 1 Get a clear idea about the types of IP protection: Patent, copyright, marketing plan, trademark,[…]

File Provisional Patent Applications Ins and Outs

File Provisional Patent Applications: Ins and Outs

If you are, in the future, thinking to file provisional patent applications then this article is for you! According to the U.S. trademark and patent office (USPTO), a provisional application is a legal document filed in the USPTO, that establishes an early filing date but does not mature into an issued patent unless you file a regular non-provisional patent application within one year.[…]

A Proven Approach to Identify Quality Patents in Any Industry

A Proven Approach to Identify Quality Patents in Any Industry

Quality Patents protect inventions since the owners of the inventions get exclusive rights to exploit them. When patents are ranked in order, the patents in the topmost ranks are quality patents. Your search for patents in a particular class to identify the patents that can be a threat to yours. Going through a thousand of[…]

The Latest Patent Filing Trend

The Latest Patent Filing Trend

Patenting an invention has become so important that you have to study the latest Patent Filing Trend. We know that the patent filing process isn’t an easy task, it requires a lot of time. Therefore, you need to hire a patent firm to patent your million-dollar invention. In other words, you require skilled professionals and[…]

Why Choose Patent Filing Services?

Why Choose Patent Filing Services?

Patent Filing Services are essential for the patent applicant to protect the invention or idea by stopping others from using it. Patent Filing Services of the USPTO is a method of filing patents for securing the invention. Filing patents for your invention can be easy and secure which also helps to save the time and[…]

Markush Structure A Brief Analysis

Markush Structure: A Brief Analysis

Eugene Markush brought a drastic change in the scientific IP (intellectual property) by authoring a patent in 1924.  Also, it was the beginning of the Markush Structure. There was a phrase among his claims that brought a different perception for the examiners. ‘The process for the manufacture of dyes which comprizes coupling with a halogen-substituted[…]

A Quick Guide to Patent Search Databases

A Quick Guide to Patent Search Databases

A patent is an exclusive right which protects the invention to the owner for a limited period. Patent Search Databases is a collection of information on patents that one can easily access, manage and update. One can classify patent search databases according to types of content such as full text, numeric and images. The patent search[…]

Why Do You Need Patent Illustration Services

Why Do You Need Patent Illustration Services?

You must see to it that your patent drawings are inch-perfect while describing your invention. Hence, it is wise to seek assistance from patent illustration services to achieve this target. Drawings will help you to put your point across a little faster instead of going through long paragraphs of descriptions. Patent drawings are extremely crucial[…]

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