How to Respond to an Office Action?

How to Respond to an Office Action?

In the patent prosecution process, you must be wondering what Office Action means and how you should respond to it. This is a vital part of your patent process because it determines whether your application will be accepted or not. You must have an understanding of what Office Actions are and what the best way[…]

Patent Proofreading

Patent Proofreading: A Paramount Step to Achieve Patent

[responsivevoice_button] A legal document that enforces all the rights of the invention, in favor of the inventor, is Patent. To make sure that everything is correct inside it is patent proofreading. A patent includes claims and all other relevant information that reserves the rights of the inventor. In no other way will an individual or business can[…]

Avoid Abandonment Proofread Patent Claim

Proofread Patent Claims To Avoid Abandonment!!

[responsivevoice_button] Patent claims are the most critical part of the application. It defines the scope of the invention. The areas described in the claims state what is covered under it and what not. Patent claims are the legal basis of any patent protection. It creates a boundary to protect the claims stated for the invention. You need full technical (domain-based)[…]

Role of Background Section in Patent Application

Role of Background Section in Patent Application : Background section is generally considered the place in the patent application where one defines the problem and the prior-art. Although such function of the background section is commonly accepted, it is advisable that the one must be very careful what to disclose and what not to disclose[…]

Prosecution of Design Patents

Prosecution of Design Patents : As per the US patent law, the design patents replace the “usefulness” requirement of utility patents with an “ornamentality” requirement. For a design to be considered patentable, it must include some primarily nonfunctional feature or characteristic. Prosecution of Design Patents The scope of the prior art that may affect the[…]

Provisional Patent Application

What is an Office Action?

The office action is a document written by a patent examiner in response to a patent application after the examiner has examined the application. An office action represents the government’s official position on the pending patent application, where an examining attorney sends an office action to notify an applicant about issues with his or her[…]