Why Patent Drafting Services are Important

Why Patent Drafting Services are Important?

Drafting services deal with the process of creating claims and patent description. They produce a base for every patent application and handle the specification part of the document. You must focus on already patented material to draft a successful patent application. The drafting services are long and laborious. Although you may achieve a patent without[…]

USPTO subject matter eligibility 2019 update

USPTO Subject Matter Eligibility: 2019 Update

During the patent prosecution process, a very important factor is the subject matter eligibility. In simple words, it explains how office personnel at the USPTO should evaluate patent claims. At the start of 2019, January 7 to be precise, the USPTO revised its guidance to provide more clarity on the subject matter eligibility criteria (35[…]

Patent Draft

Patent Draft: Major Core Principles

[responsivevoice_button] Patent Draft is the details, specification, and claims of the invention that one needs to furnish while filling the patent application. Basically, it is a part of how to patent an idea. One needs to focus on even the slightest of details while drafting the patent and getting all the details right. Hence, it[…]

Tips & Tricks for High-Quality Patent Draft

Tips & Tricks for High-Quality Patent Draft

[responsivevoice_button] A patent draft is at the very core of getting a patent grant. It is about taking the very first step of your journey towards a patent grant. It comprises the specifications and the claims of the invention in detail. Furthermore, prepare a patent draft as per the format of the jurisdiction in which[…]

Jepson Claims Know the Importance

Jepson Claims- Know the Importance

[responsivevoice_button] A Jepson claim describes prior art scope followed by claiming prior art improvement. It depends on the subject matter which requires protection through patent claims. If defined correctly, Jepson claims is a combination of claims. The invention claimed includes the “preamble in the combination with the improvement.” While using Jepson form, the claim not[…]

Drafting Patents: The Art Behind Every Successful Patent

[responsivevoice_button] In order to draft an efficient patent, one must have the art of describing a patent invention in a way that it fulfills all the requirements of the U.S. Patent Laws. Specific identification and particular definition are the two major parameters one should emphasize while patent drafting. Let’s discuss the art behind drafting patents.[…]