Why Patent Drafting Services are Important?

Drafting services deal with the process of creating claims and patent description. They produce a base for every patent application and handle the specification part of the document. You must focus on already patented material to draft a successful patent application.

The drafting services are long and laborious. Although you may achieve a patent without the help of an attorney it is always advised to take help from them. There are a number of pitfalls and risks attached to the improperly documented patents.

Moreover, the drafting services require the cooperation of an attorney and the inventor. It is necessary that the attorneys must understand the claimed usefulness, invention details, and also the distinctive feature of the invention. The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) may deny the application if you fail to mention these areas neatly.

An official fact from USPTO states that in a 9 year period, less than 60% of US patent applications were issued. Also, only about 20% of the issued patent applications were commercialized. These facts define the importance of seeking help from professional drafting services.

Why use the Drafting services?

If you are new to writing an effective patent application, then patent drafting services is of great help to you. The summary must cover the entire invention. One must remove all passive voice and try to find the right phrases to present the idea. Also, you must organize the text accordingly in order to state the information convincingly.

Moreover, it is less likely for the reader to thoroughly read more complicated documents. The applicant may stop reading in between and move directly to the signature page. This results in the filing of an unintended application.

Also, a poorly written draft may confuse and annoy judges or juries. It may prove as an invitation for litigants to change the claims or language to seek unwanted advantage. Now, this is a costly mistake.

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Steps to get the best Patent Drafting Services: 

You must select a strong team to draft patent specification to perfection. It must include technologist, patent analysts, and patent attorneys. Also, you must keep in mind the following points to prepare and file your patent after selecting an attorney.

  • You must fill an invention disclosure form. It includes information that supports innovative features and novelty of your invention.
  • The patent attorney arranges a meeting after reviewing your invention disclosure form to completely understand the technology you want to patent.
  • Create possible illustrations and sketches that help the examiners to visualize crucial components of your invention.
  • Finalize the figures and claims by drafting the patent description. Here, the patent attorney describes each element thoroughly with respect to the patent claims.
  • Prepare an abstract after finalizing everything. It is a short summary of your creation. Here you list all of the elements in the simplest form.
  • Review the draft thoroughly before finalizing it.

Steps to get the best Patent Drafting Services

Fig.1: Steps to Best Patent Drafting Services

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