IDS Patent Definition Obligation and Requirements in Patent Applications

IDS Patent: Definition, Obligation, and Requirements in Patent Applications

[responsivevoice_button] When you think of “prior art”, IDS patent surely comes to mind. The USPTO labels it as an indispensable part of your patent application. Not having IDS in your application could cause problems of varying degrees. But what is IDS? Why do you need it in a patent? We are here to explain everything[…]

Patent Drafting: “Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea”

[responsivevoice_button] Patent drafting is a methodology of presenting pure technical explanation about the patent in the form of a document, called as the patent draft. It is important to have the proper technical domain knowledge about the patent subject, while drafting a patent. Since, patent draft is the first document that reaches in public for[…]

Background Section of Patent Application

Background Section of Patent Application – Background section is generally considered the place in the patent application where one defines the problem and the prior-art. Although such function of the background section is commonly accepted, it is advisable that the one must be very careful what to disclose and what not to disclose in the[…]

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