Provisional Patent Example How does it matter

Provisional Patent Example: How does it matter?

A provisional patent plays a very crucial role during the patent application process. One must seek help from provisional patent example to avoid errors. An experienced patent attorney must prepare the provisional patent application with the help of an ideal provisional patent example. This is so because it is a techno-legal document with a detailed[…]

Draft Your Patents Clearly: Why & How?

[responsivevoice_button] Securing your invention in terms of opting for a patent, is a well-entrenched way. But, not all inventions are able to make it up to secure a patent. The very beginner’s step includes checking the feasibility of the idea, assuring its uniqueness, developing a prototype, and framing the patent draft with complete specifications. After assuring[…]

How to Improve Drafting in Provisional Patent Applications?

Provisional patent applications are preliminary applications that can be filed 12 months before filing a non-provisional application. They include less drafting and formality than a non-provisional application. The provisional applications place the invention in a pending state, and no one else could claim for the same invention within that pending period. Basically, provisional applications are[…]