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A patent is an exclusive right that protects the inventor’s invention for a set period of time. Patent Search Databases are a collection of patent information that can be accessed, managed, and updated with ease. Patent search databases can be classified based on the sorts of content they contain, such as full text, quantitative data, and graphics. The use of the patent search database is that it helps the inventor in finding out a similar invention or technology. This helps them in the identification of prior arts before the patent application is filed.

For an invention to receive a patent grant, it is a prerequisite that the invention should be novel. The quickest way to ensure this is to look for similar inventions in the patent database. Let’s take a look at the patent search database that an inventor can access.

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Best Patent Search Databases For Patentability Search

Patent Search Database allows inventors to look for similar inventions so they can make modifications to their inventions to receive patent grants. This section provides information about the patent search databases that hold information about major patents.


The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is one of the greatest patent search databases available. The inventor or the individual will have to visit the official portal of USPTO in order to access the information about the patent. Inventors can check the USPTO database to see if their invention has been published or not. The USPTO patent search database allows users to find information about patents through images or textual mode.

Google Patent

Google Patent is a patent search engine from Google that was founded in 2006. This patent search database indexes patent and patent applications from USPTO, EPO, WIPO, and more. With that said, it allows inventors to look for a similar invention and informs whether the invention is patent-worthy or not. The inventor can get access to 8 million patents and more when looking through Google Patent Database.


Espacenet provides access to patent documents to innovators. Inventors can use this patent search tool to see if their innovation is unique. Bibliographic and Full-Text coverage are included in the coverage. Espacenet also includes a number of handy features. Espacenet, for example, includes smart search, advanced search, classification search, and other capabilities. It’s a useful patent search database because it allows you access to over 90 million patent papers.

Why Patent Search Databases Are Important?

Patent Search Databases make conducting patentability search quick and easy. Although conducting a patent search is not required, it is generally a good idea to do so. A patent search can aid in the filing of a patent, the abandonment of a patent, or the introduction of a new product. In terms of time and money, patent searching might have a big impact on your creation.

With the help of a patent search, you can determine whether your idea is worthy of receiving patent protection. The existence of prior arts may make obtaining patent rights more challenging. Your creation will not be considered novel.

Patent Search Databases help innovators in identifying the prior arts which allows them to make changes to the invention proposed for patent protection.


So, these are some of the greatest patent search databases for you to use when looking for patents. There are, however, a number of commercial patent search tools available. For example, Orbit is a paid patent search engine that specializes in design patents. Patbase, which has over 100 million patent documents, is one of the most popular paid patent search engines.

Hire PDC For Patent Search

Patent Drafting Catalyst will save you time and expedite the patent prosecution process when it comes to getting patent protection. Performing a patentability search becomes challenging especially when you know nothing about it. Even if there are numerous free patent databases available to innovators, it is never enough.

The inventor must employ the most up-to-date technologies and the best patent search engines and tools when doing a patent search. PDC has a team of specialists with the best resources available to assist their clients in any situation. Our staff has years of experience doing patent searches using patent search engines and identifying relevant prior art.

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