What is a Patent Number? How To Find A Patent Number?

An inventor gets a patent for a specific invention. The patent grant depends on the condition that the invention should be novel and non-existing. The application of the inventor to secure a patent undergoes a long cycle. After the complete review of the invention, its application, and industrial uses, an inventor gets patent rights. After the inventor receives a patent grant, a number is entered in registered and given to the patent. The applicant must know that the different countries use a different format for issuing the patent number.

Patent numbers contain different series in their format. You may find the following information present in the patent registration number:

  • The year of issuance.
  • The number of the patent.
  • Kind code.

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Understanding The Different Format of Patent Registration Number

You may find a difference in the format of patent registration numbers across different patent offices. The USPTO follows a specific format in issuing us patent numbers. It is also important to know that the format in issuing the patent number may change over time. Information such as the year of issuance, the number of patents, and the kind code will be available in the patent registration number. Let’s understand it in a better way with the following examples:

  • In USPTO, the united states patent number begins with “US”. Post this, you will find the seven-digit number. After that, you will find a kind code.
  • If you have applied for a design patent, us patent numbers for design patent begins with the letter “D”

So, concerning the above examples, we can conclude that the different patent offices across the world follow different formats when it comes to issuing patent registration numbers. In addition to that, you may find different formats depending upon the time when it was issued. This is how patent numbers are assigned.

What is the importance of a Patent Number?

A patent number is granted when an invention secures patent grants. Thus, a patent number indicates that the invention has patent grants. The rightful owner of the patent can refrain others from manufacturing a similar technology or invention without his permission. Additionally, he/she can also sell or license his/her invention.
A patent number holds great significance during the patent search. By having the patent registration number of a specific invention, you can find details about the invention. Accessing the details of a particular invention allows you to compare your invention with the prior art. You can make amendments to your invention and bring out the substantial differences between prior art and your invention to qualify for patent grants.

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What Information You Can Find With A Patent Number?

By having access to a patent registration number, you can find important information about the patent.

  • Inventor’s name
  • Patent issue date
  • Title of the patent
  • Patent Type (Design, Utility, Plant Patent)
  • Application Number, Date
  • Drawings and Designs
  • Specifications and Claims
  • Abstract Summary

How To Find A Patent Number?

There are multiple ways through which you can look for a patent number. We have mentioned the ways that will assist you in finding the patent registration:

  • USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database – The USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database has the information present about the patent from 1976 to now. To find a united states patent number, you will need to present information about the patent that you have. After you have entered the information about the patent, you can apply the category to which the information belongs. Select the relevant year as well. Click on search. You will be able to spot it on the screen.
  • USPTO Patent Full-Text and Image Database Advanced Search – On the top of the page, you will find the option of “Advanced Search”. Upon clicking on that, a new page will begin loading on the screen. Enter the details of the patent in the “Query Section” and click on “Search”. The list of the available patent along with the patent registration will be available on the screen.
  • International Patent Numbers – You can also find International Patent numbers easily. Through the USPTO publication, you can find the Cooperative Patent Classifications.

How To Find The Patent Using Patent Registration Number?

Once you are aware of the registration number of a specific patent, you can fetch out all the details related to that particular invention. You can check out the following patent databases to find out the details related to that invention:

  • United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Search allows you to order copies of patent documents.
  • On Google Patent Search, you will see results in the “pdf” format.

Just enter the patent no. and you will get the results.

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