What is Patent Proofreading and its Importance?

A legal document that enforces all the rights of the invention in the name of the inventor is known as Patent. A patent includes claims and all other important information that reserves the rights of the inventor, in a way that no other individual or business can make use of that invention without the consent[…]

Why Patent Proofreading service is Important?

Why Patent Proofreading service is Important? – Patent proofreading is a term that points out the final step while acquiring a patent. It means that once the drafting is done, the contents of the application must be carefully read and analyzed, to find out the errors which might be left during the creation of application,[…]


Abstract in Patent Application

Patent application is the purpose of the Abstract is to enable the Patent Office and the public to determine quickly from a cursory inspection the nature and gist of the technical disclosure. The Abstract is directed to what is disclosed in the specification, and not necessarily the claims. In other words, the Abstract is not[…]

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