What is Patent Docketing?


Patent Docketing includes maintaining a database or portfolio of applications received at the patent office. The USPTO and other patent Offices receive lakhs of patent applications every year, and it keeps on increasing year by year.

[You will get the exact status of patent applications by visiting US Patent Statistics Chart.

Pertaining to this huge data, it is quite evident that these many applications need a proper system for their maintenance. Also, a timely update to patent applicants is essential for informing them about the upcoming due-dates to get a timely patent grant. Patent docketing is a system of maintenance of record of patent applications at patent offices filed by applicants around the world. Moreover, patent docketing is not only about maintaining the documents. It is also about maintaining fee record status and updating clients and attorneys about the due dates and responding to office actions. A patent docket serves the purpose of maintaining patent applications and other documents like forms and drawings. Similarly, client trust accounts maintain the fee records of the applicants.

Patent Docketing Process:

The process of Patent Docketing starts with the arrival of a patent application to the patent office. Firstly, the docketing specialist labels each document with the name files number and then scans and updates the information to the database. By doing this, the attorneys and applicants can get an update on each and every detail related to their patent application at just a click. Furthermore, they create templates and templates to other law firms as well, if required.

Purpose of Digitized Patent Docketing:

In earlier times, people maintained records of patent applications in registers. The entries made in a chronological order marked by a serial number or docket number. Maintaining docket of a patent application on a register or a wall-sized chart is undoubtedly an intimidating task. With this came the need digitizing the docketing system. This made the hectic task of maintaining patent applications much more manageable.

At the same time, a digitized patent docketing system help updates the information in no time. It also updates the applicants about their deadlines for submitting documents.

What is patent Docketing

What is a Docket Number?

Attorney Docket number is a 25 Alphanumeric character which identifies a patent application. You can retrieve a list of patent applications by entering the first 3 characters of the alphanumeric code.  The system performs a suffix wild card search when the user enters a partial attorney number. This happens when the user selects the “start with” radio button option.

Note: You can also take help of other numbers like Application number, Control Number, Patent Number to find your patent application.  You can follow USPTO Search for Application to learn more about these numbers.

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Why Patent Docketing is a must?

Prevent Malpractice Suits: insurance companies associated with patent law firms demand them to keep up a patent docket. This is so as it will help prevent malpractice suits for when if the law firm misses any filing date. Moreover, some insurance companies prefer to have 2 different docketing systems in order to increase the robustness of the system. In this case, patent docketers maintain the docketing system and cross-check one another.

Meeting Deadlines: patent docketing help meet the deadlines without which the applicant might miss the golden chance of getting a patent grant. This, in turn, leads to the lost trust of clients in their patent attorneys.

Therefore, maintaining a robust docketing system is a must for every patent law firm, in order to maintain a smooth workflow.

What do we bring?

Our experts, at Patent Drafting Catalyst, maintain and track patent portfolios using commercial docketing systems. For us, maintaining our client’s legal and technical associated with their patent application is a task of utmost importance. We process and docket all the emails and send reminders on time, in order to fetch timely patent grants for our client’s invention. Our robust data security and integration with third-party software makes us much trusted among our clients. We are providing with best of our services in 45+ countries, throughout the life-cycle of the patent process at budget-friendly rates. To know more about services, please visit Patent Drafting Catalyst.

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