3 Important Aspects for Better Patent Docketing

3 Important Aspects for Better Patent Docketing : Patent docketing is a tool that can be either a system or a method, to keep track of all the important documents, deadlines and timelines, forms, drawings, and manage, sort, and record them within a database. Large number of patent law firms even hires docketing specialists to keep[…]

Patent Drafting FAQs – Get Your Answers!

Patent Drafting FAQs – Drafting is a preliminary form of writing anything, copying, subject to revision, etc. Patent drafting is an art of presenting pure technical explanation about the patent in the form of a document, called as the patent draft that eventually plays a fundamental role during patent prosecution, management, and maintenance. Two aspects[…]

Complete Guide for Patent Drafting

Patent drafting means the art of presenting a preliminary version of an essential document of the invention, highlighting all the inventive elements, embodiments, and scope. The style of drafting depends upon the type of patent, such as it varies depending upon whether it is a utility or a design patent. For instance, utility patent focuses[…]

Patent Claims Drafting: Objectives and the Process

Claims are the legally-operative part of a patent application around which everything revolves. The claims of course define the invention for which the exclusionary right is sought. The legal standards must be met by the claimed subject matter, not merely what is disclosed in the specification. Patent Claims Drafting In a patent drafting process, one of[…]