Complete Guide for Patent Drafting

Patent drafting means the art of presenting a preliminary version of an essential document of the invention, highlighting all the inventive elements, embodiments, and scope. The style of drafting depends upon the type of patent, such as it varies depending upon whether it is a utility or a design patent. For instance, utility patent focuses[…]

Ornamentality Design Patent

Ornamentality Design Patent : Design patent allow any person who invents any new, original, and ornamental design for an article of manufacture to obtain a patent protection. As per the US patent law, the design patents replace the “usefulness” requirement of utility patents with an “ornamentality” requirement. Ornamentality Design Patent It is required that for[…]

Anticipation and Obviousness in Design Patents

To find the anticipation of a design patent, the same design must be found in a single piece of prior art, from the viewpoint of the ordinary observer. That is, a design is considered novel, when the ordinary observer must find that the overall appearance of the design at issue is different from any single[…]