A Quick Guide to Patent Search Databases

A Quick Guide to Patent Search Databases

A patent is an exclusive right which protects the invention to the owner for a limited period. Patent Search Databases is a collection of information on patents that one can easily access, manage and update. One can classify patent search databases according to types of content such as full text, numeric and images. The patent search[…]

How to avail Best Patent Search Services?

How to Avail Best Patent Search Services?

Are you the one who invented it? Or is there any prior art? Do the patent search services verify if the technology already exists or is it owned by someone else? Thus, to know about all the prior arts before initiating the R&D work, we need patent search services. It also searches for existing similar[…]

Kinds of Pharmaceutical Patents available to Drafts Persons

The pharmaceutical domain is one of the most litigated spheres in the arena of patents and innovations. Thus, before filing a patent in the field of pharmaceutics every measure should be taken to ensure that you are not reinventing the wheel or infringing someone else’s protected rights. The best way to ensure this is by[…]