How to Avail Best Patent Search Services?

Are you the one who invented it? Or is there any prior art? Do the patent search services verify if the technology already exists or is it owned by someone else?

Thus, to know about all the prior arts before initiating the R&D work, we need patent search services. It also searches for existing similar inventions. The researchers usually rely on typical sources such as conference documentation, scientific publications, the Internet, etc.

However, patent search services not only offer a vast resource about existing technologies but also present required information about the owner of the technology. Also, it defines the major players of the field.

Patent Search Services: When?

All the patent documents contain certain information. The patent documents must describe the inventions such that a normally skilled person can reproduce the art. The insufficient disclosure may result in the rejection of the application. They contain detailed information that is unavailable in the classic scientific publications. You must do a patent search on certain occasions such as:

  • Prior to research

You must do a prior art analysis if you are going to enter a research project. It may save you from wasting a huge amount of money by detecting preexisting inventions. Also, it allows you to find the best partners for collaborations. Thus, you may base your R&D work according to the already existing arts and continue with genuinely creative work.

  • After the research

There are possibilities that even if you give complete analysis to your work at the first stage, it may fall into unexplored territories. Also, there is a continuous publication of new inventions during your research. Thus, you must keep a permanent watch and try to detect the newest publications in your work field. It helps you to stay up-to-date on the steps made by others.

  • Before utilizing a product/process

It is necessary to perform a deeper “freedom to operate” search before commercializing a new product/process. It is so because; there is always a chance that a third party might be using a similar product/process.

The search detects valid patents that may oppose the exploitation or marketing of your invention. There is always a chance that your invention may be partially or fully covered by another patent even if you own a patent for your invention.

Moreover, this information helps to acquire statistical analysis about the most creative firms in a field. Also, it allows you to cancel a patent being used against you by detecting prior arts that were not considered or were accidentally skipped in the patent grant process.

Patent Search Services: How?

The Patent Search Services are usually a matter of combined “concepts” that define the subject you are searching for. You may retrieve concepts by imagining 10 different wordings defining the exact invention. In these 10 different wordings, you will surely find words that express the exact concepts.

However, you must not limit the searching for a given concept to a keyword search because patent documents are classified. You may perfectly express a concept with the help of a classification symbol.

Thus, a sound search strategy involves classification symbols and a combination of keywords.

To perform a thorough search, you need experienced searchers that can use professional tools. Also, it is not possible to become search proficient within a few hours of training. Thus, it is more efficient to hire an expert and not using free patent search tools.

How to find Professionals for Patent Search Services?

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