Antecedent Basis

All you must know on Antecedent Basis

[responsivevoice_button] Antecedent basis is not considered to be the only standard which will support the subject matter claim. Reasonably, appropriate and clear support is all that is indispensable. However, antecedent basis is one of the major problems which are encountered in a beginner patent writer claims. Depending on the claim requirement it is must to[…]

Patent Drafting Vitals: You Can’t Miss These!

[responsivevoice_button] Patent Drafting Vitals, as its name suggests, is surely an art. An art that assembles both basic, complex claims and its functionalities into one simple and single draft. This draft must include everything regarding your invention, from its very physical to the complex in-depth majors. The emphasis is on the how to draft patent claim, rather than[…]