Understanding Patent Illustration Rules

Patent illustration plays an important role in patent prosecution cycle and helps to achieve patent grants. Patent illustration assists the inventor in explaining his/her invention briefly to the general public and the examiner, thereby, allowing the inventor to disclose the novel element present in the invention in a better way. With patent illustration, it becomes easy to explain the complicated procedure or process, applications, and how the invention adds value to the customer. However, while drawing patent illustration, the invention must ensure to follow the standard practices as prescribed by the USPTO. USPTO is the governing body dealing with the matters of patents.  Let’s take a look at the important patent illustration rules and guidelines determined by the USPTO.

Patent illustration Rules

USPTO has made it mandatory for applicants to furnish at least one patent drawing along with the patent application. USPTO has also prescribed some norms that you must while drawing patent illustration:

  • The applicant must use black and white colors.
  • All the lines should be drawn using the instruments.
  • The applicant must mention the applicant’s name, details of the invention, identification, and application number.
  • Leave a margin of 1 inch at the top and the left side. Additionally, the applicant needs to leave a margin of 3/8 inch at right side and 5/8 inch at the bottom.

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Importance of Patent illustration

The role of patent illustration in patent prosecution cycle is significant. Just like your patent application, a high-quality patent illustration can speed up the patent prosecution cycle. A patent illustration which is engaging makes your patent application solid and leaves a good impression on the examiner.

Attaching a patent illustration which is intricately designed and detailed doubles the chances of acceptance of your patent application. Your invention has a better chance of receiving patent right when you attach a patent illustration with your patent application.

The importance of a patent illustration can be acknowledged from the fact that it helps inventor to explain his/her invention in a better way. Furnishing a patent illustration helps you to showcase how your invention is new, therefore, multiplying your chances of receiving patent.  With that said, we can wrap up by saying that patent illustrations are not less than asset. The significance that the patent illustrations bring to the table is difficult to ignore.

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Hire Us for Patent Illustrations

You can also create patent drawings on your own however it involves a lot of time and efforts. Thus, it makes sense to hire draftsmen to create patent illustrations that are engaging, meticulously drafted, and represent all the complex details of your invention on the paper in a simplified way.

At PDC, our team of draftsman has years of experience and the expertise to draft high-quality patent illustration, elaborating all the technical and functional aspects of your invention.

 PDC has established itself as one of the most reputable company to offer patent illustration service. Our draftsmen have an understanding of the patent illustration rules and guidelines followed across the globe. So, if you are looking forward to availing patent illustration services, get in touch with us.

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