June 8, 2016

Patent Drafting Services

Why choose ‘Patent Drafting Catalyst’ (PDC) for drafting your patent applications?

  • PDC: 16+ years of experience in supporting patent prosecution, 500+ full time patent engineers,
  • 30+ Technology Areas, 100+ applications every year, multiple patents already granted
  • Multiple levels of support to suit your requirements and budget
  • Experience of supporting patent attorneys from multiple countries with their patent drafting requirements for multiple jurisdictions/authorities.
  • Experience of working with multiple patent attorneys, and hence, always up-to-date on industry best practices for patent drafting
  • Experts in multiple technology areas to ensure good patent application draft in cross-domain inventions
  • Patent engineers with experience of patent commercialization and patent infringement litigation understand the importance of well-drafted patent claims – This ensures that the patent applications are drafted from perspective of potential future commercialization
  • No surprise pricing. No hourly billing. Fixed fee, so you don’t have to worry about the bill going high and you can focus on what matters – a well-drafted patent application that appropriately covers the invention.
  • Quick turnaround and unlimited iterations

You can also check and review our Free Samples (Patent Drafts from our recent work). Click here to download

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More about patent drafting:

Unlike the popular belief, writing a patent application is not just about meeting the patent office requirements and getting a grant. A patent document is not even worth the paper it is written on if it is not enforceable when the need arises. A good patent drafter always thinks ahead in to the future and writes an application that will be difficult to bypass by minor tweaks and/ or even after technological advancements. A good quality patent application draft further ensures that it sails through smoothly during the prosecution. This way the applicants do not end up spending a fortune on office actions and patent office objections. Further, it should be understood that rules of the game are different for different technical areas and countries. While preparing a patent application various recent case laws and decision must be kept in mind.

At PATENT DRAFTING CATALYST, we have perfected the art of patent drafting for multiple technology areas and countries. We have seen how patent attorneys prosecuting our patent drafts have been able to reduce the office actions significantly. A number of patents, which were drafted by us, have been successfully enforced against infringers – getting us the trust, appreciation and more business.

Provisional patent application, as the name suggests, is a provision in the patent laws of several countries that allows applicants to file a patent application that does not comply to the complex structure requirements of a regular (non-provisional) patent application. One of the objectives behind having this provision is to help the applicants get an official priority date quickly, i.e. avoiding any delays owing to the time taken in getting a non-provisional patent application drafted, etc.

The important aspects of about provisional application are quick turnaround (so as to secure earliest possible priority) and encompassing language (so priority is not denied when filing non-provisional application). Here, it is important that the experts involved with provisional patent application preparation understands the path an applicant will take from provisional to complete specification application so as to include all possible scenarios and ensuring that the priority rights are not lost.

You can also check and review our Free Samples (Patent Drafts from our recent work). Click here to download

Non-Provisional Application Filing:

Non Provisional Application filing

Provisional Filing:

Provisional filing application

Design Application Filing:

Design Application Filing

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You can also check and review our Free Samples (Patent Drafts from our recent work). Click here to download

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Patent Drafting Samples

You can also check and review our Free Samples (Patent Drafts from our recent work). Click here to download