An Essential Guide to Know the Basics of Patent Drafting

So, you are ready with your innovation and want to protect it at the earliest. Drafting a patent is the first thing that comes to mind. However, drafting a patent is not an easy task as a lot of people are not even aware of the basics of patent drafting. Let us explore everything related to patent drafts in this article.


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Basics of Patent Drafting

Right after you decide to patent your innovation or idea, the next step is to draft a patent. Patent drafts are the documents that you file when you want to patent your invention. You must submit the draft to the patent office for the officials to examine and review your invention. If found eligible, the authority will grant you the patent. The basics of patent drafting indicate that it is writing an application that includes a detailed description of your patent and the claims you make. The draft is the soul of the invention as it includes critical information about the inventor and its invention.

There are some important skills that one requires to draft a patent. It requires both, skills and strong technical knowledge. Because the draft should follow a format that is completely in compliance with the intended jurisdiction.

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The Process of Patent Drafting

Patent drafting is not as easy as it looks. Drafting a patent application is one of the difficult tasks related to the patent. The skills that you require for drafting a patent do not come easy no matter how many years of experience you hold. It is always advisable to seek the help of a patent drafting expert who knows the practice better. The process of patent drafting includes the following.

  1. Preparing the invention disclosure form: It provides a detailed idea about the invention to the attorney.
  2. Interview with the attorney: It creates an in-depth understanding of the new invention between both the inventor and the agent.
  3. Sketches and Drawings: The sketches are the visual representation of your invention, it needs to have subtitles with every figure.
  4. Drafting the claim: The claims define the areas where you are seeking the patent grant. Writing claims with a broader scope and then the narrow scope is an important step.
  5. Preparing an abstract: A summary at the end gives a quick go through of the invention and covers all the essential points in simple language.
  6. Review: A final review of the draft prepared regarding the innovation is important for a final inspection.

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Some Common Mistakes

Some common mistakes committed while drafting a patent application are as mentioned below.

  • The summary written at the end is too long,
  • The summary is too short and does not cover all the essential points of the application,
  • You must not provide the summary on a separate sheet in the draft,
  • The summary includes more than one paragraph and does not describe the invention properly.

To get an effective and best-quality patent draft, it is important to follow these steps and avoid the mistakes mentioned as mentioned below.

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