The Future of Leveraging AI Patent Drafting

AI or Artificial Intelligence has been around us since its inception as an academic discipline in 1955. Have you ever considered AI doing patent drafting? The question holds a great significance for who knows how difficult it is to draft a patent application. The patent drafting process involves various steps such as proofreading. In addition, a patent application has several important documents. As a result, it requires much time to look for errors in a patent application. You have to proofread the application thoroughly before submitting it to a patent office. Therefore, to overcome this problem, we require a state-of-the-art tool that can automate the patent drafting process. The tool will speed up the process. Moreover, the chances of human errors in a patent application will reduce significantly when the complete process works automatically. Read the article up to end to know how AI is changing the IP industry.

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How IP Companies Can Leverage AI Patent Drafting

According to IP leaders, in next 20-30 years, IP companies won’t survive in the market if they don’t give importance to AI now. Many leading IP companies are in hurry to fit AI in their SOPs.

In 2019, the USPTO received a whopping 669, 434 patent applications. Out of total patent applications, 391,103 patents were granted. The rest of the patent applications were either in refused, abandoned or pending state. We can see the number of applicants were quite high in 2019. According to the patent filing trend, we can anticipate that this number is surely going to increase in the next few years. Therefore, we need a robust system that can handle large data and do powerful computation. And for that, we need to take the help of AI. Here are some patent services that IP companies can automate through AI.

  • Patent Search or Prior-art Search
  • Drafting Patent Applications
  • Analysis and Valuation of Patents
  • Managing Patent Portfolio
  • Patent Translation

If IT companies are able to implement AI in software for IP companies perfectly, then patent drafting process will become super-easy and free of errors. As a result, IP companies can scale-up their services. With the help of AI, patent professionals can do the same work in a less amount of time. One fine example of AI-based tool is Chatbot. A chatbot application can easily handle multiple customers and answer their queries in real-time.

Similarly, you may use AI to do proofreading and draft patent applications. AI can easily automate a manual process. AI Patent Drafting is going to be the next big thing in IP fraternity.   

The Limitations of AI Patent Drafting

In the previous sections of the article, we saw how AI technology is changing IP industries. Now, we know how AI can make the patent drafting process efficient and fast. However, there are several limitations of AI:

  • AI is still in its developmental phase. Thus, it won’t be good to completely rely on it for important operations.
  • Every individual has different requirements. AI hasn’t reached that level where it can solve new problem on its own.
  • It needs supervision to work aptly.
  • Moreover, it’s not easy to have an AI tool, since its cost and maintenance is high.
  • The tool is not able to make right decision on its own.

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Getting a patent isn’t a piece of cake. You have to follow the strict guidelines of patent offices. Moreover, you have to be familiar with rules and regulations. Therefore, the USPTO recommends hiring a professional to ease your work.

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