Writing a Patent Description – A Beginner’s Guide

Writing a patent description is a tedious task, let alone drafting a complete patent application. Since you’ve clicked on this article, we think you’re aware of patents and their advantages. Simply put, patents protect your invention and give you some exclusive rights. However, to get a patent is not all plain sailing. If you don’t have the domicile of origin in the United States, then you must hire a US-based patent attorney. However, you may not need one if you’re a national of the United States. The USPTO is a federal agency that grants patents in the US. This article sheds light on an important part of patent application i.e., writing a patent description.

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Writing a Patent Description in a Patent Application

Writing a patent description has multiple usages. First, the patent examiner can understand the use of your invention in a better way. Second, your patent description covers the scope of your invention. Third, people can understand your invention and the subject-matter. Therefore, the USPTO encourages inventors to have professional patent services to ease the patent registration process. Before diving deep into the descriptive section of a patent application, let’s see its structure. According to The USPTO, your patent application should have the following order:

  1. Application transmittal form
  2. Fee transmittal form
  3. Application Data Sheet
  4. Specification
  5. Drawings
  6. Executed Oath or declaration

A patent description comes under specification section. The specification part of a patent application contains two major sections: claims and description. Your patent application should have at least one claim. The following sections come under the specification part of a patent application:

  1. Name of your Invention
  2. You must cross-reference related applications if any
  3. Include the statement of federally sponsored R&D (if any)
  4. Put the names of the parties to a joint research agreement (if any)
  5. Reference to a Sequence Listing
  6. Background of your invention
  7. Brief Summary of your invention
  8. Brief description of the different views of the drawing (if any)
  9. Detailed Description of your invention
  10. Claims
  11. Abstract of the disclosure
  12. Sequence listing (if any)

Why You Need a Professional Patent Drafter

Let’s say that you have an invention that you want to patent in the United States. In this scenario, you have to be extra careful when you or a patent drafter is writing the patent description. You may draft the patent application on your own. However, we advise you to have a patent drafter in case you want to save your time and money. The USPTO is a fee-funded agency. It charges a certain fee for every correction that you do in a patent application. Correction of inventorship after first action on merits is $640. Certificate of correction fee and processing fee for correcting inventorship are $160. The fee for corrected registration certificate (registrant’s error) is $100. Therefore, you have to have a patent professional by your side during the complete registration process. Moreover, when you avail professional patent drafting services, you can fully focus on your invention.

Why Writing a Patent Description is Important

Writing a patent description is like writing the future of the invention. The specification of a patent application has various legal aspects of an invention. It has the complete detail of the invention. In description part, we have to focus on the summary of the invention, brief description of the different views of the drawing, and detailed description of the invention. Writing a good patent description protects your invention completely and gives you exclusive rights. Moreover, it prevents others from exploiting your invention without your will.

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