What is Patent Proofreading & its importance?

Patent Proofreading means locating errors and rectifying the errors in the issued patent. Patent Proofreading is an important step that can impact the enforceability of the patent. Errors in patent can originate at different contents listed in patent. For instance, the errors may appear on the face page, or in the claims. Proofreading patent is not just beneficial post-patent grant but is important during the application filing.  An error in your patent application may lead to office action or rejection of your patent application. Thus, patent proofreading plays a significant role in ensuring accuracy in your patent application.

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Importance of Patent Proofreading

Opting for a patent proofreading service can bring many benefits to the table. Whether you talk about patent drafting application or post grant patent, it ensures accuracy. Let’s take a look at its benefits:

  • Construction of claims – Proofreading the patent helps in identifying errors that go unnoticed. The error can appear in the patent claim can be pose a great difficulty to you in obtaining patent grants. Thus, with the help of patent proofreading, errors are identified in patent drafting application to reduce the possible risk in the future time.
  • Reduction in office action – A patent application goes under a rigorous examination by the examiner. A well-detailed and structured application passes through all the stages of patent prosecution. On the other hand, the applicant will receive Office Action when the details are missing in the patent application. The less the office actions are, the more it will save your time and errors. The office action can be reduced only if there is no error in patent draft. Patent proofreading makes that possible.
  • Draft Specification – USPTO accepts patent draft and application in a specific format as prescribed by them. Drafting a patent application requires technical and legal knowledge. Also, there is a specific format that USPTO has prescribed. Thus, the applicant must ensure to follow that format only while drafting patent specification. He/she needs to pay special heed to the draft specification. Any error in the specification can lead to the rejection of patent application.

When do you need to Proofread Your Patent?

The USPTO or the applicant can commit the errors in the patent. However, the responsibility of correcting the errors lies on the applicant. For that reason, it becomes important to proofread your patent.

The applicant can perform patent-proofreading during these stages:

  • While filing the patent application
  • After the publication of patent application
  • During notice of allowance stage
  • After the issuance of patent

Hire experts for Proofreading Patent

The Patent Drafting Company offers best services when it comes to identifying errors in your patent. Our team comprises of experienced and skilled experts who are familiar with the requirements and corrects the errors present in the patent application form to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Our team of experts takes into account various considerations to identify possible errors and take measures to amend those errors. The team reviews consistency in the patent draft, look out for possible grammatical errors, along with the errors in the claims section to ensure accuracy throughout the patent application.

What’s even better is that The Patent Drafting Company offers its proofreading related services at a cost-effective price. To know more about our services, you can get in touch with us or click here.

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