What is Patent Watch? Why do you need it?

Getting the patent rights to secure your invention is not enough. Patent watching can give you useful information about the patent applications are being filed or granted patent rights. In addition to that, watching or monitoring patent gives you an insight into the development of new technologies, new inventions that are already in the development stage. In layman’s language, the intention behind conducting a patent watch is to ensure that your products are not infringing upon the rights of other sellers and vice-versa.

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Why do you need to conduct a Patent Watch?

With development in science and technology, the ways to do a particular work is changing. Amidst the changing world, it becomes essential to monitor or watch patent. Let’s take a look at why conducting a patent watch is indispensable for your business.

  • Information about the new technology – Watching patent gives you information about the new technologies. This becomes helpful for your R&D Team to come up with new ideas. Having information about the changing trends in technical sector and keeping yourself aware about the new technical development may help you gain competitive edge.
  • Track of Abandoned & Expired Patents – The significance of watching patent lies in the fact that it lets you keep a track of the expired and abandoned patents. Once you get the information, you can use this opportunity to use such technology in future.
  • Information about your competitors – One of the major benefits of patent watch is that it reveals information about your competitors. The patent watch report highlights information about patents your competitors are filing and more. Thus, you can use this opportunity to devise your strategies and work accordingly.

What are the different types of Patent Watch?

There are different forms of patent watch available. The clients can invest in following types of patent watch considering his/her requirements:

  • Technology Watch –Technology watch relates to gathering information about the latest technologies in a specific industry. The information in technology watch includes latest technology, impact of new technology, IP strategies and new market opportunities. In order to win the market, being aware and adopting to the new technologies go a long way. This is only possible with technology watch which helps you in figuring out potential inventions in a specific industry.
  • Competitor Watch – In a competitor watch, the focus is to track the activities of your competitors across the globe. The competitor watch analysis provides you detailed information about the patent filing, expiration, grants and more. Conducting a competitor watch becomes essential to know about the R&D strategies of your competitors so you can also work accordingly.
  • Infringement Watch – Infringement watch monitors Evidence of Use in different forms which include product, processes, services that may infringe your patent.
  • Design Watch – The sole intention behind conducting a design watch is to identify the infringement on the aesthetics of your product. Some entities may steal the design of your product or may come up with a design that looks similar to your product. So, if you are looking forward to protect the design of your invention, design watch service can help you with that.

Why You Should Hire The Patent Drafting Company?

The importance of patent watch cannot be overlooked. Apart from helping you in identifying the infringers, patent watch helps in analyzing the strategies of your competitors and boosting your research and development. While conducting a patent watch may sound like an easy and straight-forward task, the professional guidance and assistance from experts can save you time, and efforts. The PDC specializes in helping clients with patent related matters. With years of experience in this niche, The Patent Drafting Company has become a reliable name when it comes to providing patent watching services.

What does The Patent Drafting Company serve?

PDC caters to the different needs of clients. Take a look at what does the Patent Drafting Company caters to:

  • Patent Application
  • Patent Drawing
  • Patentability Search
  • Paralegal Support

To know more about our services, get in touch with us or click here.

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