What is a Patent Watch?

After you have secured the patent rights, the next step in line is to continue watching the patent. Patent watch is the process of monitoring the patents that are newly issued or published. It is a continuous process that can be done quarterly or on monthly basis. A patent watch is a useful strategy to keep yourself aware of the latest technologies and the latest patent granted. So, if you are looking forward to knowing its importance, continue reading the blog.

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Importance of conducting a Patent Watch

Continuously monitoring the newly issued patent feeds a lot of information to the company. It tells them about the latest products launched in the market. Along with that, the company finds useful information about the innovations and the technology. Let’s take a look at the importance of conducting a patent watch and how it can prove beneficial to you.

  • Information about the new technology – Watching patent gives you information about the new technologies. This becomes helpful for your R&D Team to come up with new ideas. Having information about the changing trends in technical sector and keeping yourself aware about the new technical development may help you gain competitive edge.
  • To monitor every phase of the patent process – Patent watch becomes significant because it helps in monitoring every phase of patent process. A patent application goes through many phases and undergo many amendments during the examination stage.
  • Reveals Information about your competitors – Monitoring patents on a regular basis keeps you abreast of your competitors. By conducting a patent watch, you can get to know about your competitor’s strategy. A patent watch reveals information about what your competitor is up to and what new products are being launched. By having access to such information, you can concoct your strategy and stay ahead of your competition.

Why You Should Hire The Patent Drafting Catalyst?

Patent watching is important. Our team of experienced professionals can help you in monitoring the patent across the globe. The significance of patent watch lies in the fact that it helps in boosting the R&D of an organization. With that said, our team holds years of experience in providing patent watch services. So, if you are looking forward to availing patent watch services, we are always at your disposal. To know more about us or our services, you can get in touch with us.

What does The PDC serve?

As part of patent watch, The PDC caters to the different needs of clients. Our team of experienced professionals can help you with:

  • Technology Watch
  • Competitor Watch
  • Infringement Watch
  • Design Watch
  • Patent Legal Status Watch

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