How To Choose The Best Patent Illustrator?

Patent applicants must attach patent illustrations along with their patent applications. A Patent illustrations makes it easy for an examiner to understand what the invention is all about. However, creating a patent illustration is not an easy task. So, the only option left is to outsource this task to the team of professional illustrator. A patent illustrator that holds years of experience, expertise will be a good fit for your task.

A drawing plays a crucial role in the patent prosecution cycle. You want to make sure that your patent illustration is free-from errors, adheres to the USPTO patent drawing rules and most importantly does not face rejection.

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How To Choose The Best Patent illustrator – 4 Tips

  • Knowledge A patent illustrator should have a deep knowledge of creating engaging patent illustration. In addition to that, he/she should have relevant expertise in designing complex appearance of invention of the invention. While hiring a patent illustration, you must ensure that the patent illustrator is familiar with the latest USPTO rules. The patent drawings should be made according to these guidelines.
  • Time & Cost – While outsourcing the task of creating patent illustration, make sure to consider the time of delivery and the cost. The patent illustrator should be able to meet the deadline without degrading the work quality. The patent illustrator should have the capability to deliver the quality work on time. Further, take into the account the cost of such drawings. While hiring a patent illustrator make sure that they are not charging absurd price.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement – For an invention to receive patent grant, it should be unknown to general public. Thus, to maintain the confidentiality, the patent illustrator should sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to keep the details of your invention secure. The patent illustrator must not disclose the facts about your invention to anyone.
  • Availability of Tools – A good patent illustrator makes the use of the latest tools to ensure that the patent illustration is perfect and engaging. He/she should be able to cater to the needs of the clients. There are many software available in the market that the patent illustrator can make use of. For making patent sketch, he/she can use Adobe, CAD and more. While drawing patent sketch, the patent illustrator must adhere to the patent drawing rules.

These are some of the tips that you must remember while choosing the best patent illustrator. With this, you would have received the answer to your question “How to choose the best patent illustrator”.

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The importance of a good patent illustrator can not be understated. A good patent illustrator draws high-quality and engaging patent illustration which accelerates the patent prosecution cycle.

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