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You come up with a superb invention. What is the very next step you think of taking? Getting it patented. Indeed. But, as you proceed, keep in mind that there are other people out there innovating in the same field as yours. Don’t panic. Here is where patent monitoring comes into action.

Patent monitoring is all about keeping vigilance on your competitors and on your patent, to protect it from possible infringements. But how will you get to know where your competitor is and at what stage of IP lifecycle he/she is at? This becomes quite tricky if you are an amateur. Handover this task to a patent monitoring services professional for the best and comprehensive results.

PAIR and PALM- Reliable Patent Monitoring Tools

One of the ways of reliable patent monitoring is by using the Patent Application Information retrieval (PAIR) system. Since, after a period of 18 months, patent applications are published and are publically available.

Therefore, it is quite beneficial to use such a system that reliably provides a comprehensive list of applications related to your field of invention.

USPTO offers this reliable system with 2 modes – Public and Private PAIR

Private PAIR reflects the status of your patent application in a very confidential and secure manner. On the other hand, Public PAIR performs a search for issued patents and published patent applications of various people in different domains. While performing the patent prosecution status of your application, you can also monitor the latest patent applications.

The PALM (Patent Application Locating and Monitoring) System is the automated data management system used by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the retrieval and/or online updating of the computer record of each patent application.

USPTO provides a very user-friendly interface for searching through the database within minutes a patent application gets filed in the patent office.

Patent Monitoring- Essential Elements and Significance

By now you know, in order to make your invention shine with the patent grant, it has to be unique. Therefore, keeping an eye on the competition becomes a must. But, you should also know the different aspects that make patent monitoring a significant step for saving a patent grant. Also, there are many aspects of patent monitoring, so let’s dive into them.

  • Competitor monitoring: the first and very obvious is competitor monitoring. As the name suggests it is about keeping a track on your competitors’ patent application. But it is not about an all-time activity. Professionals keep a timely vigilance on your competitors which can be weekly, monthly or on a yearly basis.

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  • Legal Status monitoring: patent monitoring is also about keeping an eye on your patent application as well. A patent attorney who keeps an eye on your patent application gives you updates regarding any amendments to make through office action response or for other related procedures. It also ensures the viability of your patent.
  • Infringement monitoring: this works both ways. Infringement monitoring ensures that you are not violating already patented invention n your domain. At the same time, it ensures that patent application is safe and sound, i.e. it has not been infringed by a competitor. In any of the cases, patent monitoring prevents chances of litigation.

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  • Latest Technology monitoring: technology is something that changes very drastically these days. Also, patent grant procedure is something that takes years; hence there are bright chances of the present technology to become obsolete. Hence, a vigilant eye on the latest technology becomes unavoidable.

Why Patent Drafting Catalyst?

Indeed patent monitoring is not a cakewalk. It requires expertise as it is a recurring task and demands an eye-for-detail.  Also, monitoring of a single database will not suffice the purpose, since inventions take place all over the world. Without proper monitoring, you might face serious consequences such as patent litigation, which will cost you both time and money. Therefore, it is advisable to let a professional carry out the task.

At Patent drafting Catalyst, we monitor 100+ patent applications every week. We hold a great team of patent paralegals and attorneys with years of experience. Also, we provide comprehensive reports using state-of-the-art tools. We make it a point to over both patent and non-patent literature in every possible domain of technology.

We hold trusted client account in 100+ countries delivering patent watch and monitoring services for more than 10 years at cost-effective rates. Along with this, you can also seek patent drafting, patent filing, and paralegal support services from us. To know more, please visit Patent Drafting Catalyst.

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