Multiple Dependent Claims: When do we need them?


Before getting on multiple dependent claims, let’s have a brief knowledge of what dependent claim is all about. A dependent claim is an embodiment of an independent claim of the invention. It defines the specificities of the invention. Multiple dependent claims define independent and dependent claims more explicitly. They work as an extension for a dependent or an independent claim filed seeking a similar patent.

Multiple dependent claims are basically dependent claims referring to more than one claim. Multiple dependent claims not individual claims and is equivalent to the number of claims on which they depend. Say, for instance, if a claim is dependent on 3 dependent or independent claims, then we have 3  claims instead of one.

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Multiple Dependent Claims in an example:

Claim 1: a door with a handle in the middle of the right.

Claim 2: the door of claim 1, wherein the handle is bolted from inside.

Claim 3: the door in claim 1 or 2, wherein the handle is made of leather.

Here, claim 1 is an independent claim; claim 2 is dependent on claim 1 and claim 3 is in reference to both claim 1 and 2, hence, multiple dependent claims.

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Multiple Dependent Claims: Usage

  • No excess fees at the time of PCT filings: PCT doesn’t charge an excess fee for filing these claims, this helps to improve the scope of the claim at the time of international filing.
  • Claim(s) scope improvement: multiple dependent claims make the scope of the invention more explicit, this helps to avoid infringement.

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