What is Patent Translation? Why it is necessary?

Patent translation is the process of translating patent application into another language so it becomes easy for other to understand information about your invention. Patent translation becomes important when you have decided to go for international filing.  With the increasing competition, the applicants are trying to take their invention and product at a global level and filing patent application for the same.

Understanding the Types of Patent Translation

Patent Translation for Prior- Art – Always ensure that your invention is novel. Prior-art search refers to searching for the inventions that are similar to your invention.  Thus, patent translation of prior-art is essential if you are filing for a patent in a country whose native language is different than yours. A good patent translator will proficiently translate the prior-art search report. Anyone can easily understand it.

Patent Translation for Foreign Filing – If you have decided to file a patent application in any foreign language, it is important to draft a patent application in the specified language of that country. This is only possible if you are aware of that language. Else you will have to take assistance from the patent translator experts to draft a high-quality foreign patent application. While drafting a patent application, you must be careful and describe the details of your invention in a better way. Patent Translator experts have years of experience in doing so which makes your patent application effective.

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Important Points to consider while translating patent

Patent translation will require you to have the knowledge about the native language of the country. Additionally, you must be familiar with the technical terms in relation to the patent and patent application. Check out the important things you need to consider prior to translating the patent application:

  • Information about the language –

You should always draft patent application in the country’s native language. So, if you are unaware of the language spoken in country of filing, you can take the help from experts. The patent translator specializes in translating the patent application in native language.  The patent translator maintains accuracy throughout the draft which increases your chances of getting patent.

  • Familiarity with technical terms – Filing patent application requires knowledge about technical and legal aspects. Thus, if you are filing a patent application on your own, make sure that you have adequate knowledge. Additionally, if you are hiring a patent translator expert, he should have the technical know-how. Also ensure that the translator is well-versed with the technical terminologies.
  • Stick to the format

While filing the patent applicant, you should stick to a particular format. The PTO will reject your applicant if it does not follow the format. Thus it will prevent you from filing the patent registration. This will increase the cost for the applicant. Thus, make sure that the patent translator that you are hiring has experience in filing the patent application.

Hire Patent Drafting Catalyst for Patent Translation Services

If you are looking for patent translation service, Patent Drafting Catalyst is always at your disposal. We are a team of experts who have experience in providing translation service with absolute accuracy. At PDC, we offer economical translation service without skimping on the accuracy and quality. Our team of experts have knowledge about more than 40 plus languages spoken worldwide which adds versatility to us to translate patent application into another language.

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