What is Patent Landscape Analysis?

Patent landscape provides a valuable insight into the patent situation of a specific technological area. A Patent landscape is critical in IP management and helps investor make an informed decision by providing a comprehensive overview of business and technological trends. Through the process of patent landscape analysis, information about whitespace in research area, latest IP trends, scope of improvement can be garnered. Having such information helps a variety of organization to make a sound decision prior to inventing their time and money.

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How to conduct Patent Landscape Analysis?

Identification of purpose – The patent landscape analysis is conducted in stages. To begin with, it is essential to determine the purpose of the conducting patent landscape analysis. The major purposes for which patent landscape are conducted include idea generation, analysing the whitespace, patent filing strategy.

Hiring of services – Once you have determined the purpose for conducting patent landscape analysis, now is the time to look for services such as analytic software or third party services.

Decision – After you have hired the patent analysis team, the next step is to take informed decision. The patent analysis team will consult with you regarding how deep the patent search should be conducted.

Search Conducted – After deciding the geographical region, the patent analysis team conducts search to identify relevant keywords. It also looks for organization working in that particular domain.

Why are patent landscape analysis conducted?

There are multiple receives for which an inventor decides to undertake patent landscape analysis. Let’s take a look at the possible reasons for which organizations hire experts to conduct patent landscape analysis:

  • Identifying and exploring the technological trends in a particular domain.
  • Exploring the room for improvement.
  • Analysing the IP management strategy of the competitors and their R&D area.

Benefits of Analysing Patent Landscape

Conducting a patent landscape analysis serves you with multiple benefits. A patent landscape analysis helps in building inter-departmental relationship by providing them a platform to bring their ideas and expertise.

  • Help in analysing the trends – Conducting a patent landscape analysis helps in analysing the market trend. The patent landscape analysis provides an insight into the market trends. You get information how the market is evolving, new technologies being introduced in particular domain. Additionally, it helps in predicting the strategy of the competitors and where they are heading.
  • Mitigate the litigation – Patent landscapes helps in mitigating the potential litigations that an investor can suffer in the later future. On the other hand, if you avoid this, you are prone to future litigation cases.
  • Helps in developing interdepartmental relations – Analysing patent landscape search report helps in developing inter-departmental relationships. A patent landscape analysis brings together the ideas, and opinions of scientists and researchers. It takes into account their different opinions, and provide them a platform to work together.

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