Patent Illustration : Why it is important?

A patent illustration refers to the visuals of your invention. It provides insight into how your invention looks like and what functions does it perform. One of the common questions that an inventor faces is that whether it is mandatory to add a patent drawing or not. The answer to this question lies in the fact that the investors can obtain a filing a date on the basis of non-provisional application. So, it is not mandatory to add a patent drawing when you are filing for a non-provisional application. However, it is in the best interest of the inventor to add a patent illustration.

This will help examiner in understanding the invention and the technicalities associated with it. Further, adding a patent drawing along with your application accelerates the pace of patent prosecution cycle.

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Why You Should include Patent Drawing along with your Application?

There are many reasons that confirms including a patent illustration along with your application can benefit you multiple times. Let’s take a look at the benefits of the same in the following section:

  • Helps in understanding of your invention – Examination stage of patent application is the most crucial stage of all. Patent illustration helps your patent application to sail smoothly through this stage. A patent drawing describes your invention in a detailed way. This helps the examiner to understand the what the invention is all about and how does it qualify for the patent grant. A picture speaks more than a thousand words.
  • Explain the novel elements – For an invention to receive patent grant, it must be novel. Thus, a patent drawing is a great way to represent how your invention differs from prior art. The patent illustration will highlight the novel aspect in your drawing which will convince the examiner that your invention is novel.
  • Complement your patent application – Patent drawing works a complementary to your patent application. While presenting the patent application, chances are that you forget to add what’s of utmost important to you. That’s when you can rely upon your patent illustration to complement your patent application.

Why you should hire Patent illustration Service?

A patent illustration accelerates the pace of patent prosecution cycle along with providing you many other benefits. A high-quality patent drawing leaves a lasting impression on examiners. Unless you have the right resources and the skills to create a error-free drawing, it makes sense to hire patent illustration service.

  • Knowledge of USPTO Rules – The patent illustrators have a deep understanding of the USPTO rules. The experts know what they should include in the patent illustration and what to skip in order to avoid USPTO rejection.
  • Decrease Workload – By hiring patent illustration services, you can decrease your workload and devote time on important tasks. Filing a patent means you need to meet various deadlines and various reports such as prior-arts, summary and claims.
  • Timely patent grants – When you are aware of what to include in a patent drawing, you save your time by avoiding patent drawing rejection. This results in timely patent grants. A patent illustration explains the invention in the best possible way.

Patent Drafting Catalyst for Patent Drawing

Now, you are well aware of the importance of the patent drawings and how it can benefit you in several ways. To bring the best of your invention, it is incredibly important to produce a compelling and error-free patent sketch. This is only possible when you hire professional experts.

At Patent Drafting Catalyst, we ensure the best patent drawing services. We have the experienced team of patent illustrator to produce high-quality patent illustration.

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