Patent Drawing: How To Create One?

Patent drawings refers to the visual representation of your invention. The addition of patent illustrations in your patent application helps you in making your invention distinguishable from prior-arts. Apart from that, it makes your patent application more presentable. The USPTO states that each applicant must attach at least one patent illustration to make your invention understandable. The exclusive benefit of including a patent drawing is that it strengthens the patent application.

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How Does Patent Drawings Better Your Patent Application?

It is always a good idea to include a patent illustration in your patent application. A high quality virtual representation of your invention makes your patent application solid and strong. It allows you to explain your invention better way. The most common ground for the patent application rejection is the presence of prior-art or the existence of similar technology.

By including a patent drawing in your patent application, you can lay down a solid basis for the patent grant. A patent application that features illustration helps applicant to separate his/her invention from the existing prior-arts. The applicant can explain it to the examiner how his/her invention differs from the prior-arts. He/she can explain the novel elements present in the proposed invention, which is one of important factors for patent grants.

Thus, adding a patent drawing to your patent application allows examiner to understand the purpose of the invention in a better way.

What are the Basic Requirements For Patent Drawings?

One of the common questions that often confuses the applicant is what should be included in patent drawing. There are certain patent drawing requirements that you must meet while preparing patent illustrations. If your invention relates to the physical object, you should prepare multiple views and with different angles.

On the other hand, if your invention relates to various components, it is a good idea to represent each component on a sheet of paper.

There are specific patent drawing requirements as well. The USPTO has laid down certain guidelines when it comes to patent drawings. The applicant must adhere to these guidelines else they become a ground for the rejection of your patent application.

How To Make Your Patent Drawings?

There are many ways through which you can prepare your patent drawing. It includes:

  • Creating patent illustration on your own
  • Hiring Patent illustrators.

Creating Drawings on your own

You can consider creating drawings on your own. Just ensure that you have the skill set to create a virtual representation of your invention. If your invention does not involves complicated visuals, it is a good idea to create patent drawings. However, while you are preparing your patent illustrations, make sure that you follow the guidelines as laid down by the USPTO. Once you have prepared your patent sketch, consider getting it reviewed by patent attorney to ensure that it meets the USPTO requirements.

Hiring Patent illustrators

Another way of obtaining a patent sketch is to hire a patent illustrators. The patent illustrators holds years of experience in this field. It means you can rest assured knowing that the delivery will be professional and high quality. The experts know what should be included and what needs to be avoided. They ensure that meet the guidelines as per USPTO. Further, it saves your time and efforts.

Why You Should Hire Professional Patent illustrators?

Preparing a patent sketch on your own consumes a lot of time. In addition to that, you can not be sure of what it turns out to be. This may provide a ground for patent application rejection. Thus, it makes sense to hire professional patent illustrators to create a patent drawing. Take a look at the benefits of hiring professional patent illustrators.

  • High-Quality Patent Drawings – The professionals ensure high quality patent drawing. The experts have the right skills and tools to prepare engaging patent drawings. They allow you to leave a great impression on the examiner.
  • Time-Saver – Creating a patent sketch up to the mark requires a lot of time and efforts. By hiring illustrators to perform this job, you can focus on other tasks.
  • Patent Drawings as per the latest USPTO rules – When you hire professional patent illustrators, they leave no stone unturned to speed up the patent prosecution cycle. The experts prepares the sketches as per the latest USPTO rules.


A solid patent application requires a patent drawing that is engaging and represents the details of the invention. It helps in speeding up the process of patent grant. There are multiple ways to obtain patent sketch – you can either create a patent drawing on your own or hire a patent illustrator to cater to your needs. No matter which option you choose, make sure to include a patent illustration in your patent application. A patent drawing plays a significant role in patent prosecution cycle.

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