Patent Watch: Do I Really Need One?

After you have created your invention and applied for patent to secure your invention, your work does not end here. In an era where there is a continuous technological development, there is a constant need to watch your invention. That’s when you can rely on conducting patent watch. So, what exactly it is- let’s find answer to this question in the following section.

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What is Patent Watch?

It is the process of monitoring newly patent issued across various PTOs. It also includes keeping an eye on the patent application, pending patent applications, similar invention to ensure that no newly issued patent or patent application is infringing upon your invention or vice-versa. Patent watching is a continuous process.

Why Do You Need To Conduct Patent Watch?

There are many reasons for which a firm or an organization can consider patent watch. Let’s take a look at the need and its importance. With this, you will get an idea how this strategic tool serve you the best.

  • Conducting a patent watch frequently gives you an insight into what’s going in the IP industry. You will have an idea about the newly issued patents, patent applications, patent rejection and more.
  • By having such information, the firm or the organization can eliminate the chances of infringement which can lead to future lawsuits.
  • The firm or the applicant can work around the invention by making changes to it in case if the invention is infringing upon other patents. This can happen when the firm has knowledge about the newly issued patents, which only patent watch provides.
  • For a patent application to sail smoothly through patent prosecution cycle, it is inevitable for an applicant to reveal how his/her invention differs from existing prior-art. By accessing information, the applicant can explain the “novel element” to the examiner during the examination phase.

The other major benefit of patent watch is that it helps in generating a new flow of income by identifying infringement. The inventor can go after a firm in case if he/she finds any similarity between his invention and the newly issued patent. Apart from that, he/she can raise an objection against the proposed invention if the proposed invention relates to his/her invention.

Thus, the practice of conducting a patent monitoring helps firms and the organizations in more than one way. In fact, it is the most important aspect post patent grant. The firm or the organization can get to know more about the newly issued patent. They can monitor whether the newly issued patents are infringing upon their invention or not.

When do you need to conduct Patent Watch?

The practice of watching patent becomes essential when you invention something. That said, during the patent prosecution cycle, the patent monitoring plays a significant role in providing information about the prior-arts. Along with that, it reveals information whether your invention is violating other invention or not.

Post patent grant, patent watch is useful to ensure that no new invention or application has resemblance with your invention. This can cost you your efforts and money.

Hire PDC for Patent Watch

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of the frequently asked questions related to Patent Watch.

Do I need To Conduct Patent Watch?

If you are into manufacturing your own products, the need for conducing is inevitable. It can benefit you in many ways.

What are the different forms of Patent Monitoring?

There are different forms of patent watch. It includes:

  • Technology watch
  • Competitor’s Watch
  • Design Watch
  • Legal Status Watch
  • Infringement Watch

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