Docketing Specialist – Must Have Skills

A docketing specialist is the one who engages himself/herself in the IP industry. Such person plays a critical role in IP industry. However, it is also important to understand that they are different from the lawyers. They work closely with the attorneys on a docket software.

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Who are Docketing Specialists?

Before answering the question, it is important to understand what exactly is an IP Docketing. An IP docket is essentially a tool that allows to keep a track of the deadlines. Working in an IP industry involves a lot of documents, deadlines. Thus, to keep a track of company’s IP portfolio, docketing specialists are hired. When it comes to hiring docketing specialist, firms look for the applicants who are skilled in this respective field.

The responsibility of a docket specialists include monitoring and managing the information of company’s IP portfolio. This may include entering data, uploading a range of documents, sending notification and more. Along with that, these specialists keep a track of dates to avoid missing deadlines. In short, docketing specialists acts as an supporting system for the attorneys in patent related matters.

Essential Skills To Possess

A docketing specialist should have relevant skills. It is important for them to know how the IP docketing system works.

Management Skills

A docketing specialist should incorporate his/her managerial skills into the work. He/ she should be able to plan and manage things in a way that does not lead to missing of deadlines. The specialist should keep a track of the crucial dates and send alerts to the attorneys regarding the same to avoid missing deadlines. He/ she needs to be skilled enough to use the IP docket software to integrate dates.

Technical Skills

Technical skills are the pre-requisite for any docket specialist. He/she should have knowledge regarding the policies across the IP industry. Apart from that, he/ she should have knowledge about the USPTO rules, regulations and polices for the patent grant. This way, he/she could assist the attorneys while the attorneys can focus on other important things. The thing about the the IP industry is that a lot of work needs to be done in a short span of time.

Ability to conduct same steps

Needless to say, the docketing specialist will have to conduct the steps again and again. Thus, the specialist needs to have the capability and zeal to follow the same steps for every case that comes on his/her desk. Patent is a repetitive process which means the person will have to perform the procedure repeatedly.

Communication Skills

As the court rules and proceedings are becoming more complex these days, dependency on technology (especially, software) is the only thing human era can rely upon. But software only understands what is coded deep beneath its ICs, however, human beings holds a potential of competitive reasoning. Even if software can handle every deadline, but still a specialist must be capable enough to communicate the deadlines to the respective people, according to the USPTO protocols.

Importance of Docketing Specialist

Now that we know who docketing specialists are, it time to understand what makes them an asset to the organization or firm. The fact that the patent draft carries a lot of content and documents such as patent drawings, illustration, which needs great attention throughout the patent prosecution cycle. Along with that, an organization has many clients and each client has his patent application. Thus, managing each patent application becomes difficult considering that there are different deadlines for each application.

That’s where the importance of docketing specialist remains. They streamline the entire process by inputting information in the IP docket software and sending alerts regarding the pending deadlines.

IP Docketing Specialist – Responsibilities

Take a look at the roles and responsibilities of IP docketing specialists.

  • Managing the docketing system for the smooth functioning.
  • Create and maintain new portfolio for new patent application.
  • Entering the information regarding the payment and legal fee.
  • Data entries regarding the patent application should be specific.

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