Patent Drafting : An Essential Skill

Patent Drafting is one of the essential and foremost step that an applicant has to undertake to secure his/her invention. Drafting a patent application requires mastery over the skill. The slightest error in the patent draft may confuse the examiner and your patent application may be rejected. In this article, let’s explore some basics of drafting that can help you in creating an engaging draft. Most people are not aware of what it is and what it includes.

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What Exactly is Patent Drafting?

After you have created a new invention, the first step that you need to undertake is to draft patent application. Patent draft refers to the documents that you need to file in order to secure your invention for patent grants. The Patent Office receives the patent draft and the process of examination begins. The examiner reviews the patent draft. The examiner forwards your patent drafts to next phase if everything goes smoothly. On the flip side, you will receive an Office Action if the examiner finds any error in the patent draft.

Patent Drafting – Basic Process

The process of patent drafting may seem easy at the first glance but it is not. In fact, it is a skill that does not come easy. When following the process of patent drafting, the applicant needs to be careful about what he/she should mention/ adhere to the format as prescribed by PTO. Thus, it is always recommended to hire an expert who knows what it takes to prepare a high-quality patent draft. Its process includes:

  • Invention Disclosure Statement – The process begins with preparing the Invention Disclosure Statement (IDS). The applicant needs to disclose details about the invention in IDS.
  • Drawings & Sketches – Patent Drawing & illustrations are the most crucial aspect of the patent prosecution process. It is the visual representation of your invention. Although attaching a patent drawing is not mandatory, its significance can not be understated. It helps applicants in explaining how his/her invention is different from the prior-arts.
  • Drafting the Claims -Drafting claims is the most important aspect of patent draft. It defines the scope of protection of your invention. The applicant needs to be careful while drafting the claims.
  • Summary – The last section of patent draft features an abstract or summary. It should cover all the important points in simple language.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are some mistakes that an applicant can make unknowingly. This may lead to rejection of patent grant.

  • Make sure that the summary is not long.
  • The summary at the end should contain all the essential points.
  • While attaching a patent illustration, the applicant must stick to the specific format as prescribed by the USPTO.
  • Claims should be drafted carefully.

Hire PDC for Patent Drafting

The patent drafting process plays a significant role in ensuring the patent grants for your invention. Thus, you must take care of every little thing while drafting patent application. Thus, you should make sure that your patent draft is concise and adheres to the prescribed format. For those who don’t have any prior experience in patent drafting, it is a good idea to hire patent attorneys to help themselves.

At Patent Drafting Catalyst, we have a team of drafters who have years of experience in drafting patent application. We have a client base spread across 45 countries in the world. Our team of patent drafters ensures that your patent application goes smoothly throughout the patent prosecution cycle. What’s even best is the fact that our services are available at the most affordable prices.

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