Best Patent Search Tools For Patent Searching

Before you file a patent application, it is in your best interest to conduct a patent search. There are various patent search tools that can assist you in conducting a patent search. Conducting a patent search reveals information if the invention is already patent or not. Along with that, you will get an insight into the latest technologies and competitor’s strategy.

Below, we have listed down the importance of the patent search. Along with that, you will find information about best patent search tools.

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Why You Should Conduct a Patent Search?

With the help of patent search tools, it becomes easier to conduct a patent search. Conducting a patent search is optional however it is always a good idea to undertake this activity. A patent search can help you with patent filing, abandoning a patent, or launch of a new product. Patent Searching can have a significant impact on your invention in terms of time and money.

With the help of patent search, you will get to know if the invention is worth getting patent rights. The presence of prior-arts during the search can make it difficult for you to get patent rights. Your invention will not qualify as novel. It means that your invention is not new. Thus, patent searching becomes important.

Best Patent Search Tools

There are various free Patent Search Tools available that can help you in patent searching. You can access these tools to get your purpose accomplished. Take a look at the some of the free and easy to tools for patent searching.

  • USPTO – The USPTO is one of the best patent search tools that can help you with patent searching. To find out the track of all the patents, you need to navigate through the USPTO’s official website. Inventors can search the database of USPTO to find out if a particular invention has been published or not. You can check the database through images and texts. In short, the USPTO database is quite easy to use and helpful in patent searching.
  • Google Patent – Continuing our list of the best patent search tools, we have another addition – Google Patent. With Google Patent, you can quickly find published inventions so you can decide whether you should proceed with your invention or not. Google Patent houses more than 18 million documents from various patent offices. It further allows you to search for non-patent literature. The main advantage of using google patent is its speed and easy to use interface.
  • Espacenet – Espacenet gives inventors an access to patent documents. This patent search tool allows inventors to find out if their invention is unique or not. The coverage includes Bibliographic coverage and Full Text coverage. In addition to that, Espacenet also features a range of useful functions. For instance, Espacenet features smart search, advanced search, classification search and more. What makes it an interesting patent search tool is that it gives access to more than 90 million patent documents.

So, these are some of the best patent search tools that help you in patent searching. On the other hand, there are various paid patent search tools as well. For instance, Orbit is a paid patent search engine especially designed for design patent search. Amongst the most popular paid patent search tools is Patbase which has more than 100 million patent documents.

Hire PDC for Patent Searching

Hiring Patent Drafting Catalyst for patent searching will save your time and speed up the patent prosecution cycle. Patent Searching is an arduous task when you have not done it. Although there are many free databases available for inventors to conduct patent searching, it is never enough.

While conducting a patent search, the inventor must ensure to use the latest technologies and the best patent search engines and tools for the same. PDC has the team of experts who have the best resources at their disposal to help their clients on any front. Our team holds years of experience in conducting patent search through the patent search tools and find out the relevant prior-arts available. Get in touch with us or click here to know more about our services:

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