What is Patent Docketing?

Patent Docketing refers to the process of managing patent applications. Filing a patent application requires the use of a lot of documents. Keeping a track of such documents is only possible with its help. With the help of patent docketing, one can easily keep a track of the documents. This helps in meeting deadlines since it informs about the important dates, and deadlines so that the applicant can meet those deadlines. It sends important reminders to the client and speeds up the patent application procedure. Let’s understand its significance.

What does a Patent Docket contain?

A patent docket helps in maintaining portfolios. A patent portfolio contains all the information about the invention and the inventor as well. The specialist provides a unique docketing number which is 25 digit-long numeric code. It helps in identifying the patent application.

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How Does Patent Docketing Work?

The patent application process involves the use of several documents. Once a client hires a new law firm for drafting patent application, the details of the same will be entered into the database. While inputting the details in the docketing system, the docket specialist must ensure that the details are accurate. The details include the name of the client, nature of invention, and other details related to invention. Patent docketing software helps in maintenance and annuities. The docket specialist also adds the customer’s trust account number, legal fees (paid and due) and other filing fee. This is how the patent docketing works.

How PDC Can Assist You?

PDC is a patent firm that caters to the need of patent docketing. With a team of experienced patent docket specialist and the right docketing software and tools, PDC delivers high-quality patent docket solutions at your disposal. The team of trained patent docket specialist makes it possible to track and manage the documents, ensures to meet deadlines and forthcoming important dates.

Our core team members make it feasible to get timely patent grants by maintaining and procuring all the essential documents. Perfect Patent Docketing ensures a quick turn-around time for docketing and procurement of information. The third-party software integration allows for additional techno-legal support.

PDC is serving clients from more than 45 countries and has experience managing more than 6500 portfolios. So, if you are looking forward to availing docketing services, PDC can help you with that.

Why You Should Hire PDC for Patent Docketing?

PDC is committed to deliver incredible experience to its clients by taking the weights off their shoulders. The core team member makes sure that the patent protection is obtained on time. Take a look at the reasons what makes us a perfect fit for your patent docketing needs:

  • Experience in handling portfolio – Our team has experience in managing portfolios of different clients around the globe.
  • Data Security & Confidentiality –The PDC’s team of experts ensure professionalism at its best. The team members ensure data security and confidentiality about client’s information.
  • Cost-Effective & Quick Turnaround time – The perfect patent docketing team offers high-quality patent docketing services at a minimal price. The team has a quick turnaround time of 3 days.

To know more about our services, you can simply click here or get in touch with us.

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