Utility Patent Drawing Rules

An applicant gets utility patent grant for the functioning of the invention. In order to get a utility patent grant, an applicant needs to follow the USPTO’s guidelines for the same. While applying for a utility patent, the applicant must add the utility patent drawing. The applicant must ensure to follow the utility patent drawing rules to avoid rejection. So, if you are filing for the utility patent, make sure to draw a patent illustration in accordance with the USPTO guidelines on utility patent.

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Utility Patent Drawing Rules

For your patent drawing to be accepted by the USPTO, you must follow the utility patent drawing requirements. The USPTO will reject your patent application

  • The applicant must use black and white colors.
  • All the lines should be drawn using the instruments.
  • The applicant must mention the applicant’s name, details of the invention, identification, and application number.
  • Leave a margin of 1 inch at the top and the left side. Additionally, the applicant needs to leave a margin of 3/8 inch at right side and 5/8 inch at the bottom.

Why do you need to follow Utility Patent Drawing Rules?

USPTO scans through a lot of patent applications. Thus, to ease the process and to avoid patent errors, USPTO has laid certain patent guidelines. The applicant who are filing patent applications must ensure to abide by these guidelines. Failing to do so will lead to rejection of your patent application. This will lead to wastage of time, money and efforts. Eventually, there will be a delay in patent prosecution and that’s something which you don’t want at all.

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