Patent Registration Process – Steps You Should Know

Patent Registration can benefit you in multiple ways. The registration of patent provides legal rights to the rightful owners to safeguard his/her invention from infringement and file litigation against the violators. You can take the help of experts if you want to patent your invention. Let’s take a look at the patent registration process in the following section.

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How To Register Your patent – Steps to follow

The patent registration procedure involves multiple steps. Each step plays a critical role in the patent registration process. The paten registration process begins with conducting patentability search, followed by a series of other steps. Let’s get to know these steps in detail.

  • Conducting a patentability search – The foremost step in patent registration process include conducting a patentability search. All inventions are not patentable. An invention can get patent grants only if the invention is novel and non-obvious. To testify if the invention contains both these elements, a patentability search is conducted. A patentability search reveals the existing prior-art. The invention cannot get patent grants if the similar technology exists. Thus, conducting a patentability search saves your time and money and alerts you about the encountering litigation matters in the future if you decide to take your invention to the next phase.
  • Drafting Patent Application – The next step in the patent registration process is to draft the patent application. A good patent application can speed up the process and which is why, you should be careful while drafting the patent application. Additionally, you can delegate this task to law firms who have experts with years of experience in drafting patent application. Drafting patent application requires know-how of techno-legal subject matter. So, drafting patent application on your own can stir some difficulties for you. Since this is a crucial part of patent registration process, you would not want to risk it.
  • Filing Patent Application – After the applicant prepares the draft, the applicant needs to submit the application in the Patent Office.. A patent application number would be provided. The applicant can file different types of patent application depending upon the development stage of the invention:

If your invention is in the early stage of the development, you can go with provisional patent application.  The provisional patent application helps in securing the filing date and you get up to 12 months to complete the specifications.

Another type of patent application is PCT Application. If the applicant wants to prohibit others from using the invention or technology in multiple countries, he can file a PCT application.

  • Examination of application – The examination of the patent application is conducted upon the request of the applicant. The patent application then proceeds to the patent examiner who takes into account various consideration while reviewing the patent application. So, this remains an important step in the patent prosecution cycle.

Examination of patent application is an important phase during the patent registration process. While examining the patent application, the examiner will confirm if the invention that is proposed for the patent is novel and non-obvious. In addition to that, the examiner will consider the functional aspect and see if the invention adds value to the customer or to industry.

After reviewing the patent application, the examiner will prepare First Examiner Report (Officer Action). The office action mentions the reasons.

  • Responding to the Office Action

After the applicant has received office action from examiner, the applicant will have to respond to the office action. The applicant will have to respond to the objection raised by the examiner. The applicant will try to convince the examiner that the invention meets the patentability criteria.

  • Grant of Patent

The examiner grants the patent rights if the applicant manages to convince the examiner by clearing all the objections.

Looking to Register Your Patent

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