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A patent application plays a pivotal role in granting of the patent rights. With that said, you will have to invest great efforts and time to ensure its accuracy. However, there is always the slightest chance of errors making their way in the patent application. It hurts to find your patent application getting rejected due to to some trivial errors in the patent application draft. Filing a patent application does not guarantee the patent rights especially when it is not drafted carefully. There may be several reasons for rejection. However, by hiring patent proofreading service, you can reduce the chances of rejection of your patent application.

In this article, we will discuss about the importance of Patent Proofreading services. Along with that, you will get to know how it can help you in getting patent grants easily.

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How does Patent Proofreading Services benefit You?

The patent application can impact the chances of getting a patent grant. When it comes to drafting a patent application, it is not an easy task. Your patent application contains a lot of contents which needs to be accurate, short yet detail-oriented. The inclusion of errors and omissions in the patent application draft will lead to office action.

Patent proofreading service ensures that your patent application aligns with the required format. It identifies errors in the patent draft, looks out for spelling mistakes throughout the application to ensure accuracy. It makes your patent application enforceable by reducing the chances of getting office action.

Significance of Patent Proofreading Services

Now that you are aware of what patent proofreading service, let’s highlight the importance of hiring patent proofreading services.

  • Finds out errors in claims – Claims are the most important part of the patent application. They define the scope of the protection of your invention, thereby, making it the most important part of patent application. Any error that go unnoticed in this section may alter the scope of the protection. Patent Proofreading services figure out the errors and the omissions in this part. It identifies if the claims are disclosed properly.
  • Grammatical Errors in Patent Application – The presence of the grammatical errors in the patent application may confuse other with that you actually want to convey. It can convey different meaning of the sentence to the reviewer. This may lead to office action from the PTO. Patent Proofreading Services identifies the grammatical errors in the patent application. It helps in maintaining consistency throughout the application.
  • Identifies Errors in Patent Drawings – Patent Drawings are the visual representation of your invention. To get patent grants for your invention, the applicant also needs to attach patent drawings. USPTO has also made certain guidelines that an applicant needs to follow when preparing the patent drawing. If the patent drawing does not meet the guidelines, the patent application will be rejected. Patent Proofreading service identifies the errors in the patent drawings so that you can correct the errors prior to filing the patent application.

Various Practices for Patent Proofreading

There are certain practices that you can follow to reduce mistakes in your patent application. Since a patent application acts as a catalyst for the beginning of patent prosecution cycle, you must make sure that it is error-free, accurate, and detailed. Here’s what you can do to minimize errors in your patent application draft.

  • Know the USPTO Rules and Regulation – There is a long list of USPTO rules and regulation when it comes to filing the patent application. By knowing the rules and regulation, you can create a patent-draft that is error-free. Also, you will be able to proofread your draft when you have knowledge about the USTPO guidelines. You can find the guidelines on the official website of USPTO. Make sure to go through all the guidelines related to patent drawings and illustrations.
  • Divide your Patent Application into Parts – Another way to spot or locate errors in your patent application is by dividing your patent applications in various little segments. This makes proofreading easy and you can actually decipher what your sentence is conveying. You can rectify the errors easily and create an enforceable patent application for the easy patent grant.
  • Read Your Draft Backwards – This practice may sound awkward but is helpful in proofreading your patent draft. Reading a patent draft backwards helps in identification of errors which may have gone unnoticed when you read your draft in the usual way.

How To Get The Best Patent Proofreading Services?

Patent proofreading services are very crucial to obtain patent grants for your invention easily. Now that you know the significance of patent proofreading and how it can reduce office action, you must make sure to get the best patent proofreading service.

The Patent Drafting Catalyst is the leading firm when it comes to offering services related to patent. We have a team of experienced professional who ensures quality and multi-level proofreading to smoothen the patent prosecution cycle. We ensure that your data remains confidential with us.

To know more about us or our services, you can get in touch with us.

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