Patent Pending – Understand the Pending Patent Meaning

Have you ever seen the phrase “patent pending” on a product? What does it mean, and why should you care? Patent pending refers to a product or invention that is currently under patent protection. The purpose of using this phrase is to inform the public that someone has applied for a patent on the product or invention. This can be helpful in preventing others from stealing your idea. Further, it can also help discourage people from copying your product or invention. If you are thinking about creating a new product or invention, it is important to understand the patent process and how to protect your work. It is just one tool in your arsenal but it can be an important one.

In this blog, we will discuss what does patent pending mean and how it can be beneficial for organizations.

Patent Pending

Patent Pending – Why Should You Care?

There are many advantages to using the phrase Pen. Patent. One advantage is that it can give you some time to raise money or find a manufacturer for your product. This can be important because it takes time to get a patent approved. During this period, you can also work on marketing your invention. Another advantage is that it can help deter competitors. If they see that you have a patent pending, they may be less likely to try to copy your product.

Check out some additional benefits of using pat. pending on products:

  • You get priority over the patent applications filed later.
  • Warns your competitors from copying your product or invention.
  • You can begin marketing your product or invention.
  • Generate income by licensing your pat. pending invention.

So, these are the reasons why should care about the patent pending status on products or inventions.

Patent Pending Infringement – What will Happen?

If someone infringes on your invention while it is patent pending, they may be liable for damages if you later obtain a patent. However, it can be difficult to prove infringement because you will need to show that the infringer knew about your patent application.

Cost For Getting Patent Pending Status – how much does it cost?

The cost of filing a patent application and obtaining this status depends upon the country in which you plan to file the patent application. In the United States, the cost is typically between $65 and $270.

Pending Patent Status – When To File

You can file for patent pending status as soon as you have a completed invention. However, you should file before you publicize your invention or sell it. This is because once you publicly disclose your invention, you only have one year to file a patent application in most countries.

How To Find A Patent Application With Pat. Pending Status?

Pending Patent is not a status that appears in the USPTO Full-Text and Image Database. To find whether an application has been published with patent pending status, you must look for it in the Patent Application Information Retrieval System (PAIR).

How To Get Pending Patent Status for your Invention?

The first step is to file a patent application with the respective patent office. The application must include a description of your invention, which is called specification. You will also need to include one or more claims. Claims are the part of the patent application that defines what is protected by the patent.

Once you have filed your patent application, the patent office will review it to ensure that it meets all the requirements. If everything is in order, you can use the pat pending status.

What is Pat Pending Symbol?

The Pat Pending Symbol is used to inform the public that you have applied for protection for your invention. It is also a way to warn others to not copy the product or invention. If you have filed a patent application, you may use the phrase “Patent Pending or “Pat. Pend” on your product or invention that is proposed for a patent.

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